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Thread: Nerve pain & being over-medicated

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    Hi Maggie Mae,

    I actually found that Zoloft made my nerve pain much worse. Since stopping the medication, I have stumbled across a couple different mixed studies that indicate the same. Good luck to you in finding some better options. Chronic pain is such an emotional zapper.

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    Your right. Xanax works on the brain. I just find it helpful when the pain gets out of control. not something you want to take long term.
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    Cod3 used to help

    Now the dr has me on lyrica and jubnk like that
    So I am resorting to my ol
    Simple BCPowders

    Maybe a valium to relax me if that makes sense

    Good thread

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    what are the old school drugs?

    i take zanax, norco, approx 6-900 mg neurontin per day, don't like it for the tired feeling it gives me. The other two drugs don't do that. They just take the edge off, make me less nervous. I don't take them on any kind of schedule, only when i most need them. (sometimes it's a lot) Lyrica made me completely loopy, i couldn't function. Medicinal marijuana was horrible, don't know how people do it. Not knocking it for those it works for, but i felt like i weighted 5000 lbs laying in bed. Could not concentrate, and the pain was still there.
    In the beginning of my injury (6 yrs ago) i was on a boatload of meds, couldn't even read. weaned myself off everything, (for 2 years) am walking with cane, and afo's now, can't complain there at all. But as all of you, am looking for the magical combo of pain drugs. There doesn't seem to be one. Last pain doc suggested either the electrical stimulator inserted above injury site, (no way), or morphine drip that would need to be filled at USC or UCLA (forgot) every 6 weeks.
    Stupid as this sounds, i am going to try a mind game on this pain,
    tell myself it doesn't hurt THAT bad. This is my 2011 resolution.
    Arndog, i was steered away from Cymbalta and sent home with Salvella. Wonder why? Took the Salvella's for a couple weeks, gave it up. I am so sick of drugs.
    So...... will let you know how the mind game works. (still take the 3 usual drugs)
    Am going to ride today, probably 5-6 hours, let those endorphins kick in.
    ( i will be stiff/sore, for days, but the time out will be nice. A bit of rambling there, just feeling for all of you, and me. This pain sure makes a person have more empathy for others. All the best guys, hope today is one of the good days for you. Am going to Sansum Clinic end of the month, maybe i'll get a new combo from a fresh mind. Wishful thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seawalker View Post
    Your right. Xanax works on the brain. I just find it helpful when the pain gets out of control. not something you want to take long term.
    Whatever gets you thru the night Brother !
    we ,and our injuries are all different.

    Be Big,
    L4/L5 CES

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    I didn't take pain meds the 1st 30yrs. I gave up and feel I went to college, worked, etc but snapping femurs have me crying uncle the last 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post

    When I was on the lyrica everybody looks the same!

    Be Big,
    too funny

    I am takin 60mg of Cymbalta, 50 mg Topomax and 50mcg Fetnyl patch for my pain and it works "ok" but not great. Neurotin at 1200 mg was not good for me and all my hair was starting to fall out due to it. Ambien will help with sleep.
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    I have had so many different meds for pain/ nerve issues the past three years that I am just about mad -like everyone else. It helps to have a Doc that listens and can understand. At first I think he thought I took them just to feel good, but after he saw me a few times, he knew I NEEDED them to function. I was able to start my msters program and brought him in my first round of grades -all A's and I think he made a mental note that I was doing just fine with the dosage at my own level. My HHNurse seems to think that I should not feel anything at all and disaproves of me taking the percocet. BUT she just does not understand that I still feel things esp the tingles/electric shock waves and constant humming in my torso and legs. I have recently been trying zanaflex and it works well, but need a stronger dose I think. Neurontin just sucked and it actually does have bad side effects for most users. each one of us are different and we just have to be able to talk and communicate with our Docs about what we think would work for us. I know a lot of you have Docs that wont take suggestions and insight from patients -find the right Doc and you will notice a big change. My Doc has called me on the phone twice now to ask a little info about me since he got a new SCI patient who is older and not very communicative. Gee, maybe I should send him a bill! LOL No, really, he has a great personality and really cares about what I feel and think.

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    What a lot we are.

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    Does anyone find their nerve pain cycles? Acupuncture also helps me...I've found Neurontin to be of very minimal help, sometimes I just have to ride it out and hope it's better the next day.

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