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Thread: bladder prolapse cause UTI's?

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    bladder prolapse cause UTI's?

    Is it possible to NOT have a bladder infection if your only symptoms are cloudy/foul-odor urine? I had a baby 3 months ago and since then I have had constant, constant UTI symptoms. I use to be able to feel the pain of it but cant since having the baby. My doctor tells me to take an antiobiotic suppressent 2x daily, but I would really rather not be on antibiotics all the time. I have been on them daily for practically a year. Could something else be going on?? I also have bladder prolapse since delivering, can prolapse cause uti's?? I use to empty by pushing but am now cathing b/c I am scared to make the prolapse worse, plus I cant tell when I have to pee (pre-baby I could). I have never had this many infections, and have been cathing since june of last year every 4-6 hours. I was going to email my Doc to see if I should be seeing a specialist about this...(I dont agree that just shoving antibiotics down my throat 24/7 is the way to go)

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    I know from my own experience that if the bladder is colapsed it can feel like you have an UTI but it is not it just feels like it. I had my bladder lifted and felt wonderful. Also certain foods can make urine smell and look cloudy. And maybe it is the antiboitics you are taking.

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    Yes, a bladder prolapse can create a pocket that holds extra residual urine, and prevents complete emptying, even with self-cath. A surgical procedure would have as a goal both getting your bladder back into the correct position and correcting this pocketing effect.


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