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Thread: How many work for companies with no other disabled people?

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    Katja, many companies are indeed huge corporations with multiple locations. I think everyone is giving their information for their particular location and experience. The overall question wasn't meant for a "national" consensus. For that information, we can look up national statistics. I was just curious about individual experiences of members at their particular work places.

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    jck77 mentioned teaching at a university, when I graduated last year with an Executive MBA from U of C there was one other person in a wheelchair at the university in a wheelchair graduating in 2010. She was in a graduating with a social work degree and had a job to go to.

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    Where I worked there was a once a year survey on disability. It was totally self reporting, and I never checked the box saying I had a disability because I refused to let my mega-employer be able to say "well, we have one!" Needless to say the chair is more than just a little obvious, but self-reporting allowed me to not be used as a statistic, and besides, I did not feel that I was hampered in my job despite my disability.

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    I heard there was another police/fire dispatcher up in Barrie in a wheelchair - spina bifida. That's the only other one I've heard of.

    I was informed of that by the Ontario Police College - and they would know since we all must go through training there.

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    I work in the HR department of a large corporation, and we don’t really track who has a disability and who doesn’t unless somebody specifically asks for some sort of ADA accommodation. Anybody with a known mobility or hearing issue has to have 2 “buddies” that are assigned to help in the event of an emergency evacuation or something like that. We don’t have a quota that we have to fill of a certain number of disabled people. We do however track the number of female and racial minorities that are hired and promoted to ensure that we are compliant with EEOC regulations. Out of over 4000 employees here in Colorado, I am the only one that uses a wheelchair full time. We have some people with other mobility issues that use canes or crutches and we have quite a few people that are deaf or hard of hearing. I know of a couple people that have CP and one person that has MS but they don’t use any walking aid. There are probably more that I don’t know about.
    I went back to work for the same company that I worked for before I was injured, but not doing the same job. There would have been no reasonable accommodation for my old position, but they promoted me into management and brought me back.

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    I worked for a large company (>7000 employees worldwide). I saw one guy in a chair, he was union. I was management and saw no physically disabled employees in that group .... yay for unions. I was able bodied at the time.

    When I became disabled they avoided me like the plague and thwarted every attempt I made to return to work. Then they had a write-up in the local paper about how they are helping an employee who lost his sight to keep working. Bought software to read and write emails for him ...basically blowing their own horns.

    However, I do believe the company employed many mentally disabled (but undiagnosed) employees. A disporportionate amount were employed in senior management.

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    I just recently graduated with my Master's in Entertainment Business and only saw one other person wheelchair bound at my University in 4 years. I haven't been able to land a job yet so I have been relying heavily on what I learned in my Film program to try and carve my niche as a filmmaker, which will allow me to control my own future. It is very hard for people in our condition to obtain meaningful employment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMD View Post
    However, I do believe the company employed many mentally disabled (but undiagnosed) employees. A disporportionate amount were employed in senior management.

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    OMG! I just fell off my chair laughing. That's just too rich!

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    I am my own boss I've been in mgmt most of my life that's my profession

    Currently Mgr of a motorcycle custom shop and I just do my things at my pace
    I am the only one in a wheelchair I call the shot's

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