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Thread: How many work for companies with no other disabled people?

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    triumph, yes, he's talked to all his local, state and national union reps. It's a small union with not much the strong representation is lacking. So many rights were given up over the last contract so that they are at the company mercy now. The unions with larger membership are doing better thank goodness.
    The company is very profitable and successful, anyway Warren Buffett seemed to think so. They've made it all on the backs of the little guys. It's all come at a heavy price.

    My best hope is that this union job goes by the wayside and he gets hired into a different postion that's much more managable for his health and wellbeing. I'm hoping we have all of his ducks in a row now.
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    id take dyslexia over sci
    and a million dollars
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Grammy: Congrats to him for toughing it out. Hopefully he will add this to his resume and prepare for his next position. It's still astounding to me that there's not a specified break time for lunch. Like another poster, I thought that was in the fair labor laws.

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    Thanks so much triumph for all of your insight and encouragement. I honestly think that the unions are suffering and have less and less power over the years. I guess people are willing to give up more and more in order to get a livable wage and keep health care costs at bay. Ill let you know how things progress and we'll see after the job advertisement if he can move on to something different.

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    What union is this? The union I'm in has enough influence to keep people that normally would have been fired long ago employed.

    On the topic of this 10 biggest co in the US...other than myself, the only other dis person I knew of was a guy with bad knees...he spent 2 years doing absolutely nothing before he retired. Not sure how many more are out there outside of the particular group I am in, but I figure there has to be more...

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