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Thread: the good, the bad, the sh$tty: a weekend in review

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    Hiyaz crypticgimp
    I am glad you are having fun

    Sometimes I just like to get in my old van and go ride out in the backwoods
    Wish there was parties lol

    More pwr to you

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    The winner of worst times and places.......picture being on a then 1976 inaccessable auto train regular car solo. Got the worst case of runs in my 40yrs SCIed. Can't stop the train on it's 23 hour ride from VA to FL. The other passengers slowly moved away till I was alone in the car. Once in FL I had to be carried out and wait for my car.
    I took the damned (finish later)train cause I was a quad moving solo to FL which usually took me 2 nights in motels to be safe and all my worldy goods in my car. A TV, stereo, clothes...
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