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Thread: the good, the bad, the sh$tty: a weekend in review

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    the good, the bad, the sh$tty: a weekend in review

    i'm reposting this so yall can lol at me :P

    so this weekend i decided to conquer my fears with driving long distances and getting a jumpstart on new year resolution of going out and driving to see friends in other places. this weekend i saw 4 friends in buffalo.

    getting there was fine. i actually was speeding(80-85) cuz i was nervous. but my car got awesome mileage. 1/8th of a tank was used!

    i met friends at ruby tuesdays(after getting lost and having to call from the mall) they directed me to the restaurant. we like rt because they let us play our massive board games. this weekend we tried a new game called Dominion. everyone should try this game! it's like magic the gathering but not lol more for people who dont like magic. it was a lot of fun.

    then i had to go to the derby bout. i had to take the 90 to 190 and that's where things got messed up. i couldnt see the road due to the spray from other vehicles. so i was on the verge of an anxiety/panic attack. i got behond a salt truck and it was great to see the lights but bad from the spray and salt coming off of it

    i finally got off but then my gps told me to turn and i ended up in a residential neighborhood. fuck. all the xmas lights seemed to be mocking me in my despair. and in my panic state something said "do u have ur wallet?" cursory check went "noooooooooooooo!!!!" i must have dropped it at ruby tuesdays. fuck. so i was trying not to panic and consulted teh google. teh google will know how tog et me to the rink.

    it did.

    after getting turned around by these streets that go at weird angles i made it, late, to the derby. the parking lot had 0 handicap spots so a friend ran in and asked if i could park in the emergency parking by the door. they thankfully said yes but i had to leave early as that was a main exit for the mass of people. fair enough.

    get in and the bout was awesome. so different how we do things here in rachacha and the rink was TINY. they were raffling away couches too lol.

    then went to the after party. got lost and kept circling the venue lol. finally parked but didnt know where the accessble entrance was. my bff met me and she found it. it was a door with a call button to unlock it. no one answered. so she went inside and i just kept pressing it and saying "hello?" into the intercom. then it buzzed and unlocked. then the elevator was one of those old fashioned with a gate and a really heavy door. got in. pressed wrong button to the wrong floor. oops! finally got to the right floor and my bff was all "this is lame. tis for skaters only so dunno if u can be here. met a few of them. saw some of the rottenchesters. (yay!!) then we went to bff's place.

    she lives on the 1st floor of an apartment. there were 2 steps and we thought she could tilt the front then pull me in but with the snow it was a no go. miraculously, someone pulled in and a guy with a dog came. they helped her lift me up the steps and up the one into her apartment.

    yay for the kindness of strangers.

    bff and i talked and drank malibu passionfruit rum. it was rly viscous. my other friends had contacted ruby tuesdays and left their number if my wallet was found.

    this am i woke up at around 7:30 and needed to pee. i used a whiskey bottle to urinate in as i couldnt get into the bathroom. i went back to lay on the sofa when i felt i had to go #2. i went "ok i think i can make it til i get home" then i suddenly felt nauseous and had a stomach cramp when i passed gas and that's when i felt like something moved in my abdomen. i felt down and realised that i had just massively crapped in my pants. i got on the floor, moved the baby gate that kept the dog out of the bathroom (she eats the kitty litter) and had to crawl into the bathtub. it seemed i had yet another big blockage that decided to move down with loose stool. so the control for the water was just almost out of my reach. yay for having freaky long arms! turned it and got sprayed with ice cold water. turned on the tub faucet but i needed warm water and it to come out faster. then i went to turn the knob and the thing fell off and hit me on the head! to make matters worse the water was too hot and scalded my arm. so i had to lean, into the scalding water to affix the handle back on and somehow turn it right so i wouldnt burn myself more. despite all this, i kept calm as i knew i wasnt getting out of that tub before getting clean. i managed to get the water right, used a wash cloth and shampoo (as she only had bar soap) and got myself clean. i changed but had to throw away the pants (sad).

    while cleaning up my chair, her dog tried to eat one of the soiled paper towels, i said NO!, she ran into the bedroom then licked my bff's face. eeeeeewwwwwwww i told her that my body hates me. then she said "but i love you!" and that made things better. my wallet was found and i made it home and still have a lil over half a tank of gas to get me through the week til my other friend sends it thru the mail. i kissed my car when i got home and said "thanks for getting us home" i am missing a frat meeting as i had a bit of a fever and abdominal pain.

    it sucks to miss out on things like that. so frustrating that this keeps happening with my bowels. and i felt backed up but it always gets stuck so high up. maybe i need to try colonics but that scares me. just dunno how to resolve this but glad my childhood friend doesnt think the worse of me.

    thanks for reading my rant!

    smiley to sum it up:
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    kudos to you for gettin' out there and "livin' life"! sorry it didn't turn out exactly like you wanted but got spend time w/bff & made it back home safely--one less pair of pants but safe

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    CG, it ain't over til it's over. You got to git your new car to a car wash and get that salt off. lmao
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    CG, it ain't over til it's over. You got to git your new car to a car wash and get that salt off. lmao
    lol i know it's white right now lol. once my wallet arrives i'm headed over to the carwash ASAP

    dmr: they were my fave pants! lol but yea bff >pants. so all's well that ends well?
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Hey SHIT happens

    I shit in a bag once and my BFF stuck his head in it and then threw it on the campfire....I never admitted to shitting in the bag!!!

    I've thrown away favorite pants and $20 dollar underwear....laugh it off...its life and times. Some good and some bad but you survive....

    Hope you have lots more and have the courage to get out there and experience many more good times!!!!
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    Sounds like a great day, except for the shitty end .. at least you have a sense of humour about it! I have to be careful with alcohol and bladder, bowel. Especially hard liquor.

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    Sounds like a really cool friend to hang with and get into the swing of things!
    "If ya don't have it in the hips, ya better have it in the lips..." ~ Charlie - Villa Dulce

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    I too say Kudos to you crypticgimp for getting out there, taking on your fear and getting started with your new year resolutions. Good for you! A lot more than many people can say. Despite all the mishaps,you got to see your friends, proved to yourself that you CAN do it, and came back with a story you'll remember for a long time

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    Good for you, and good for you for having a good time despite a few bumps in the road!

    I think you learn quickly at the beginning, that a good sense of humor is going to be a must have! B & B issues make sure of that!

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