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Thread: Moved here from Different state, NEED pain doctor!!!

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    Moved here from Different state, NEED pain doctor!!!

    I moved here from Nevada on pretty short notice, I was in a car wreck and have hip and back issues very bad, I am in terrible pain, I take 30mg oxycodone every 6 hours, all pain clinics i have tried to done get out any medication, this is life altering for me, this is the only thing thats helped me!!!! please, someone, if you know of a doctor that is compassionate and can help, please send me a personal message! Thank you

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    Where do you live now?

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    I live in Renton in Washington state. I forgot to mention I also have severe tingling, pain in my arms and legs, and throbbing pain, I also should really be seeing a rheumatologist, I was told shortly before leaving i have a strong possibility of MS as well, but with a weeks notice to leave to another state, and no other choice, I had nothing i could do to make this situation any better
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