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Thread: Blood clots

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    Blood clots

    I was due to have a colonostopy next tuesday, stopped warfarin and due to start the Lovenox tonight, and woke up this morning with a pain in my ankle and calf, Knew it wasn't your run of the mill neuropathic pain, so went to the ER, blood clots in the leg. I'll have to reschedule the dang colon test, a few months away. How to go from the warfarin to lovenox w/o this happening again?

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    Scarey. Glad you got your butt to ER.

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    Sorry I can't answer your question, fishin' Guy, but wishing you the best.

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    No answers just well wishes!

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    Hi fishinguy
    Wow and I am glad you went to the Er

    Regarding your question I dont know my friend not my area of expertice' , I wish I had a answer

    Best wishes and we got to go fishing someday

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    Sorry fishin' guy, I have no clue.......just glad you're okay!

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    It's so good that you acted on your instincts and went to the ER! No clue about the meds, but as others here have said, I'm glad your okay.

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