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Thread: Mary Jane for pain???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    Make sure you are not using a sativa strain. It exacerbates my neuro pain, which thankfully is very very mild. Avoid sativa and use an Indica.

    And if you are trying edibles, try half as much as you are advised. So many people get turned off that first time because they dosed too high.
    yes. the first time I smoked, I had a similar affect. so smoked only one good puff without the heart racing and headrushes. I rarely get them now and can pretty much smoke every one I know under the table exept my friend who I call hoovie girl.

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    Works great for me for "nerve" pain but it can make central pain worse sometimes. I can't smoke but I take it in a tincture. Good thing my state allows it
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    Yes please.
    It does have A LOT to do with the strain(seed source).
    If it works for YOU it works.
    "MM" has been shown to Help the lives and pain of Many, including people with AIDS, Cancer, aaaaand SCI to name a few of the worst.
    15 states, D.C., and more to come now have legal "mm" laws, so you can grow your own.. 2, cali and colorado have dispensaries where you can buy "MM" grade with an easily obtained "card".
    The healthiest and cheapest(in the long run) form of intake would be a well made vaporizer for most.
    As for anyone saying they felt like they were on pcp.....NEVER heard that one before. have you ever done PcP? i DONT doubt you, as every one is different, but that seems like an extreme comparison in drugs.
    No One has ever died from OD by "mm"
    In a non MM you "most likely" can not use marijuana or any illegal substance if you have signed a "contract" for PM. and want to continue treatment.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Be careful if you live in DC, the MM laws have yet to be implemented. The measure passed, but won't into effect until the regulatory framework is completed. No guarantee when that will be, yet. It is going to be dispensary only, too, no grow your own.

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    Works for me everyone is different.
    What ever gets you thru the night.

    Be Big,
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    I found this site awhile ago and became friends on facebook. They give good daily info on the news feed. Basic Info is the 1st online search & booking platform that connects patients with a high-quality network of physicians who provide medical MARIJUANA treatment. With our commitment to quality & confidentiality we are the trusted gateway.

    Website:http://www.marijuanadoctors.comGeneral Information:
    Please help us GROW our page we are reaching out our BRANCHES to all BUDS within the medical MARIJUANA community. seeks to help patients with documented medical conditions locate and book appointments with real doctors who are willing to recommend marijuana as a treatment for their ailments. does not promote casual use of... (read more)
    Facebook Page:
    Contact Info

    Phone:Toll Free : 1-888-392-9772 Website:

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    I live is south Florida and have been smoking weed longer than I have been injured 43 years.I smoke a nice commercial weed,probably grown locally which costs $140.00 an OZ. and has always helped with the spasms and tone. The more exotic Kriptonite AKA : Krippie is too stong and costs $350.00 an OZ. I don't like being too high anymore. I recently joined NORML to help get MM to Florida.

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    if you support MM in florida.
    Please support
    as well as
    sadly Fl will probably be the last state to adopt MM laws...unless we help.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Makes me forget the shit I have to go thru everyday. Joint high and vapo highs are different for sure.
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    I recently started smoking the j, because the pain outdid my meds, and it works for me.

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