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Thread: Has anyone proved that pressure socks work against blood clots?

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    Question Has anyone proved that pressure socks work against blood clots?

    My partner is a T5 ASIA B Para, injured last March. His doctor prescribed pressure socks and he has been wearing them during the day ever since. He has not had problems with swollen feet and was advised that his reason for wearing pressure socks is to prevent blood clots.

    It turns out that another doctor tried to prescribe pressure socks to his sister, and since it is hot where she lives, she refused to wear them, and believes that this refusal is common where she lives.

    So that got us to thinking, if a lot of people who live in hot places refuse to wear their socks, we have a natural experiment which can prove whether pressure socks prevent blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) in paraplegics or not.

    Does anyone know whether that research has ever been done?

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    Pressure hose help prevent dependent edema and pooling of blood which can help minimaly with prevention of blood clots somewhat. More important for prevention is movement, passive exercising of muscles and activity of a person with an SCI. We still recommend for the most prt if person can wear them.But most don't. Need to check daily for redness, swelling or any signs and notify md immediately if seen.

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