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Thread: Anyone into building Hot Rods?

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    Anyone into building Hot Rods?

    One of my greatest passions has always been hot rods. My all time favorite car is '68 Camaro. When I first got into my wreck 9 yrs ago, I never thought I'd be able to build cars anymore. But, I was wrong. Since my wreck I've built a '77 Chevy Luv, '69 Chevelle, '93 S-10 w/V8, and I've been working on a '68 Camaro for a couple years now doing a ground up restoration. I've also helped on numerous other projects and built engines for others.

    Here's a few pics of some of the cars/trucks I've built since injury. I don't have any of the Camaro on this laptop.

    '69 Chevelle Before


    '77 Luv


    S-10 V-8 Swap

    Dash I made for S10

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    Nice job. I'd love to be able to mess with cars but I don't have much of a garage. There are a few members here that have built some nice vehicles.

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    Nice! I've been working on my track car for quite awhile. Wrenchin' and racin'!


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    it looks like you are driving it from the wrong side.

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    Cool. I want to rebuild something in the 1970's chevy era. It is good to have hobbies to take your mind of the daily grind of an sci. I have been dabling in wood work as that all I have room for right now. This is inspiring to see such great machines brought back to life.

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    Me putting the 427 in my '64 just before my injury. I still have and drive the car; swapped out the 4-spd for a C-6 auto -- it's probably a little faster now, though that broke my heart.

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    Is everyone watching the Barrett-Jackson on speed channel?

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    Nice rides!

    That 427 with tunnel ram and dual holleys looks mean.

    I'm building a stroker 383 with twin turbos for my '68 Camaro. Should be capable of 1000 hp but I think I'll keep the boost turned down... at least for a while.

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    i'm starting to get that speed itch again thinking of getting a 91 lexus sc400 and put a 92 supra twin turbo engine in it. with upgrades should get 900hp out of it.
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