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Thread: Pressure wound.........

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    Pressure wound.........

    Last January - almost a year ago - I had to get a power chair - pushing my manual one thru the snow for 23 years made my shoulders finally give out. I'm a T7. They gave me the wrong seat with the power chair and I got a pressure ulcer from it - after unsuccessfully trying to heal it they operated and applied a wound vac - that proved to be useless after 6 months of frustration and now just applying and changing every day regular dressings. It's been healing ever so slowly since the operaton last April - better process after the wound vac was taken off but still - mighty slow. Anyone have any suggestions that are tried and true in speeding up the healing process? Wound is on my left butt cheek. Thanks for any input.

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    Hello Preston,

    Check out this thread:

    Good luck.
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    These two links show a little of the massive amounts of info on Microcyn and wound care:

    There are over a thousand doctors currently using or trialing Microcyn in their practice in this country. If you want to try to locate one near your area, you can contact Dan McFadden at

    Dr. Bongiovanni has a very impressive track record healing these kinds of pressure wounds. You might be able to reach her at

    Because it is so expensive, most people opt for using the veterinary equivalent = Vetericyn.The Microcyn gel is now reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, etc--the liquid is pending for reimbursement.

    For the record, I do not work for Oculus in any way shape or form--nor do I own any stock in their company.

    Take Care,


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    Trying to access another link...

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    The only way mine heal is to stay off them completely... and I mean completely.

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    I'm a complete 5/6 quad for 29 years and rely on an electric wheelchair. About 8 years ago I developed pressure sores, which I believe were caused from a four inch memory foam overlay that had used to replace two eggcrate type foam mattress overlays. My cushions had always been Roho up until that time. After about 3 1/2 years of spending alternating weekends in bed and sometimes more, I really thought that my world was about to shift into a less productive one and that my full-time working days were over. Then, I came across an advertisement for Aquila Airpulse cushions and so I acted quickly for I was desperate. The wound doctor had also seen something about it and he was more than supportive. Surprisingly, my insurance covered it and within two weeks of sitting on the cushion my wounds began to heal and now since Dec. '05 I have been wound free.

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    There was a saying back in the 1960s, "you can put anything on a pressure sore but pressure and it will heal." That is still quite true.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Stay off of it completely. No sitting in bed, chair, commode, etc.

    Eat plenty of protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a multivitamin as well.

    Get your CRP, serum albumin and serum pre-albumin checked on a regular basis. You cannot heal with inflammation nor with sufficient protein stores. If you are anemic, that also needs to be corrected.

    No smoking or use of other tobacco products.

    Be sure you are seeing a wound care expert (nurse and surgeon) who are expert in pressure ulcers in people with SCI. They must be managed differently that pressure ulcers in other people.

    Once you are healed up, start a GRADUAL sitting program only after having a computerized interface pressures cushion evaluation done, and the correct cushion for your unique needs has been obtained. Combine this with every 15 minute weight shifts while seated in your chair. Does your new power chair have tilt-in-space features to allow you to do this if you do not have sufficient shoulder strength to do push ups or side-to-side leans?


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    his chair doesnt have tilt (i'm his neighbor) and they didnt do any pressure mapping for this powerchair.
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