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Thread: Loosing hope for my bowels

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    Loosing hope for my bowels

    I know i'm not the first, and won't be the last regarding the frustration over neurogenic bowel, but i was hoping to get a suggestion or two. Ive been trying to find a solution for about a year now.

    Im an incomplete, reflexic bowel. I have about 50% sensation in my rectum as a guess. I eat a healthy diet, take 100-200g of colace a day, senna every other day, 1/4 of a cap of miralax ever other day (helps keep things formed a bit), and exercise. I have adjusted these here and there, and keep a daily log.

    My problem is that I can't have a complete bowel movement . I'll empty out say 80% after my morning coffee. Which is great in a way, as I dont have any accidents anymore. But after that its like the bowels shut down, and I have stool that gets stuck up high in the rectum (the area where a person kind of contracts to void the bowel).This could happen to a normal person who is constipated, but is worse for me because of nerve pain in that area. This stool that gets stuck usually doesn't go back up like it should after my bowel program is over so it stays there all day and feels like a tennis ball is stuck up my butt all day. It also causes a lot ofgas to the point of me needing gas ex regularly. That part of my rectum seems very sensitive due to nerve damage. I guess central pain.

    It has gotten so bad the past few months that I can't even sit on a donut cushion for very long. I have had to lay on my side for most of the day. Nothing seems to want to coax that last bit of stool out. If I use an enema or enemeez, or MB, I push and push and maybe get a few small pieces out, but it often just makes the problem worse. Enemas are also hard to get past the jammed stool, so they leek out easy. Not to mention they are extremely uncomfortable, and seem to cause AD. I have the same problem with half of an MB. However, when I use either, I also get this extreme urge to go but cant seem to relieve it. I push (valsalva) and when nothing comes out its a horrible feeling like holding back loose stool. Digistim does nothing but flare up my hemoroids (as do enemas and MB) and just adds to the misery. I feel like I could only solve this problem with multiple enemas, slowly chipping away at that last 20%, but I don't think thats an option.

    So, i've pretty much lived this year without using any kind of the invasive tools that everyone uses. They dont seem to help, and just cause more pain. Back when I had little feeling I had no problem using 2 fleet enemas in a row minus the hemroids. The only thing I havnt tried is a numbing agent or enemeez plus, but since the problem is high in the rectum im not sure if this will help. I don't know. I feel like i'm out of options. Its unfortunate that the first part of my bowel movement is so easy and the last part is impossible. I posted something about this in the pain section, but I believe that my Bm's have a lot to due with the discomfort.

    Sorry for the long post,
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