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Thread: Riddle me this colostomy problem

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    Riddle me this colostomy problem

    i've had a colostomy for a year, never had constipation since i had it done.

    i haven't had solid stool in a week or two, usually i do. i've taken two days of laxatives (equate, knock off ducalax) along with a week of stool softners. still nothing! i'm extremely nauseous now like i'm going to puke.

    i can push my stomach, on my left side, and feel the watery stool gather closer to the stoma, but can't push the stuff out of the stoma, it builds up pressure then the closer i get to the stoma, i can hear it rush back down my large intestine.

    anyone have difficulties like this?

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    You need to be seen by your doctor or the ER. If you are getting nauseous, that is not a good sign.

    PLEASE do one of the above and let us know what is going on.


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    Are you ok?

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