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Thread: Magic Bullet vs. Enemeez?

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    Question Magic Bullet vs. Enemeez?

    I'm running out of magic bullets & they're so high.
    I can get enemeez free. As a quad would enemeez work as well as MBs?
    Enemeez is actually an enema, right?

    Also with MBs if the first 1/2 I insert doesn't have good results I'll add another small piece. What do you do if the enemmez doesn't work good?

    If you've used both which is better for you & why?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I've always liked the results of MB, I'd use a whole one. Enemeez are a mini-enema, and I didn't like them cuz they came right back out. I have a colostomy now and LOVE it! No more finger in my a$$.
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    Mona, why do you believe you can get Enemeez for free? If your insurance doesn't cover MBs, it doesn't seem likely that it would pay for Enemeez...
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    Thanks crppled. That's what I was thinking. Thanks for helping me.

    thc because I got some free. There was a woman posting on a thread about enemeez and she asked what state I lived in. She said Texas could get them free and sent me some. But I let them get old. Now I'm thinking about getting some more & trying them to save money. Do you use them? Like them?

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    Enemeez, are the best !! For over 29yrs i use this and it works great !!

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    Mona- Just remember that whenever you change one part of your bowel program, it takes time for your body to adjust. Don't go by one or two times. Also, you may need to go to an every night program for a short time and then bump it up. Just be patient and try it for at least a week.


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    I don't know if you get Medicaid or not, but it was my understanding that in Texas, Medicaid covered both products.

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    Mona, you've been waffling on this forever! I switched to the Enemeez Plus about 4 or 5 months ago, and it took just over a week for my system to get adjusted. It is definitely more gentle to my system, and I don't have to stim as much. My hemis are definitely happier.
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    aight so when i take a dump and 1 enemeez wont work, i'll insert the 2nd one and it dont work should i put da B00LET in? i dont wanna wait 2 long
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