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Thread: If any new quads have questions

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    Andre (his name and his username) is in a nursing home - but I haven't seen him post in a very long time. I might be able to track him down though.

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    Ok..there's another one though, Ami. Screen name starts with a C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acoolquad View Post
    For any new quads who may be going through a lot of emotions or fear of the unknown or whatever feel free to ask me anything. I've been a C-4 quad since 1993 and have been through a lot. From nursing homes and their abuses to many other issues but now I live by myself and have been for about 3 years with the help of CAP Services and friends. Feel free to ask away.

    You have a great story and website; thanks for sharing. I hope you are well and able to participate and share your experiences and knowledge here like you indicate you want to with your first post.

    Take care and God bless!

    Bill Miller
    Wheelchair users -- even high-level quads... WANNA BOWL?

    I'm a C1-2 with a legit 255 high bowling game.

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    Have you ever been able to move your legs, even as a spasm? What does a spasm look like? Because my brother moves his legs like any normal person would, not shaking or anything like that. And sometimes re-positions himself on his chair.

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    A spasm can look like a normal movement if mild an infrequent. Also your brother could be incomplete and have muscles that he can move but are very weak that he can control or he might have spasms and some control that he can use together to move. What is his ASIA score? What does he say?

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    We've never gotten an Asia score. Remember he had a brain injury so he gets confused a few times. There are times where i'm touching his left leg and his eyes are covered and he says your touching my right and he is certain. And i say no i was touching your left and he points to his left as if he got confused between both. But then there are times when he says he doesnt feel at all.

    We had a nurse come see him for just a check up and he freaked out when he saw how my brother moved his legs. Sometimes he'll do it on command. Just last night, in bed i told him to move his leg and he bent his right all the way up. And he wasnt being touched or anything. But the most common is when we tell him to move his legs and you kind of see him pushing and both his legs start raising a bit. He sometimes says thats him moving it and others he says no. He also moves his body in the wheel chair like if trying to get comfortable. He just recently started moving his left wrist a bit, we're praying for fingers to start.

    The problem is that the rehab he's in has pretty much given up and has started training him for a wheel chair. It frustrates me because they put other kids that have never moved there legs on a fes bike and not my brother. All i ask is that they try. Several nurses and family have seen his legs move and the nurse was an sci nurse. Now we're just going to try to get him to the Miami Project.

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    Just keep doing what your doing with a BI and SCI it is difficult for you to interpret but therapy is the answer and don't forget you are one of his "therapist". HOpe he gets in the Miami Project.


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