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    has anyone ever had botox injections for spastic muscles? i'm waiting for my insurence to approve it... my doc wants to do 2 shots in each leg. i can't straighten my legs and he said this will help.
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    I searched this website for +botox +spasticity, and found some threads that were not very current But a search of the internet revealed many recent articles about the use of botox for spasticity in all extremities (arms, hands, fingers, legs, ankles, feet), bladder, and chronic migraine headaches. I have had botox treatment for bladder spasticity. If I were you, I would have a few questions for the doctor:
    1. How many injections of botox will be injected into the area where I am experiencing spasticity?
    2. How long does he expect the relief from spasticity to last per treatment?
    3. How often will I need the botox treatments?
    4. Are there side effects of which to be aware?
    5. Is there a limit to the number of treatments of botox I can have?
    6. Over time, will botox become ineffective?

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    I just came across this forum with this discussion about botox and leg spasticity:

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    My neuro suggested trying it on my legs but the idea was dropped as I'd have needed so many injections my legs would resemble a dart board, not counting the amount of hospital visits to have it done. I have a neuro disorder and am still relatively mobile and can't say I was disappointed tbh.


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    I've had botox 2 rounds of 6 injections in my left calf muscles and was very happy with the results. My ankle is tight because of the spasticity in my lower leg and this is being used as a measure to prevent contracture. Matter of fact, I'm going for another round of injections this month. For me, this has worked very well.

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    Will botox stop involuntary movements like athetoid-type constant flexing of hands?

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    My nephew has cerebral palsy and suffers from spasticity. He received botox injections, and it helped him tremendously.
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