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Thread: colonoscopy at age 35?

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    colonoscopy at age 35? 67 year old father was just diagnosed with early stage colon cancer. My spinal cord injury doctor wants me to get this done for a "base line"......but would there really be much need as I'm only 35?

    thoughts? (aside from..shut up and listen to your doctor)...


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    My GI doc told me 40 if a family member has had colon cancer. Unless they have had it at a young age or some kind of inflammatory bowel disease, then you would get one sooner. I had one done last year at the age of 30 for other reasons. Wasn't that bad. Its the prep that sucks.
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    I had my first one done around 35 y/o, it really was not that bad.
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    I had to get one done around that age because my younger brother ended up needing his removed due to many precancerous polyps they found. It was not that bad...but I really hated the prep for it.
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    Early detection is the key. With close family history recommended 35 to 40 years of age.

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    Hell, I'd have the test done just for the drugs they give you for it. They could put that camera up my ass everyday if they put the right stuff in the drip.

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    i've had several colonoscopies, due to family history of diverticulitis and having eosinophilic disease since i was a kid. it's really not that bad once you get done with the cleanout. i was a little kid when i had my first one, so there's not really an age that's too young to have the procedure done.
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