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Thread: NEW SCI T3/T4 23 years old Help/Advice

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    NEW SCI T3/T4 23 years old Help/Advice

    I am new to the website first of all and I really appreciate everybody reading this.

    Symptoms and My experience:

    Around July / August 2010 I started having strange feelings in my right leg (worse as you go down the leg in general) such as some numbness, different sensations due to temperature, pain and pressure, with some tingling too. I also had this Lhermitte effect, I just found out what its called recently from a doctor discussion, everytime i bend my head forwad I would feel a burning sensation in my right leg more concentrated toward my foot. Overtime my leg still have the same feelings but now it also very sensitive to touch, as it would fee ticklish. Overtime also this ticklish feeling climbed up to half of my private area (right side). In general all these symptoms increase when I sit down for long periods of time or sit on my right leg and while driving. As of today, my feelings toward temperature has been slightly improving very slowly. I test my self everyday with packs of ice and needles. Worst part for all these sensations issues is in my right foot. Lhermitte effect is now only around my right foot toward the ankle and I think it has been decreasing in general, but again everyday is different, some worse, and some good, but never goes away. Also my right leg would feel kinda like its sore frequently around my buttock area.


    My first doctor visit was in late October 2010 and then finally after lots of MRI's and other scans right before christmas I found out I have 'small disc protrusion in my Thoracic Spine between T3 and T4 with a swollen point adjacent to the disc in my spinal cord. Neurologist did not detect any muscle weaknesses and reflexes were good beside knee and below on my right leg were very slightly different than my left leg (i personally can't tell the difference, doctor said just a little difference). The disc is pretty much putting pressure on my spinal cord and then there is an swollen area right next to it or around it.

    A neurosurgeon said that he could remove the disc or a portion of it I guess, but this won't relieve my symptoms. He suggested to just sit and watch what happens. He told me this swollen area is damaged and I should just watch it closely since I showed slight imporvment. All doctors agree that this is a rare case for my age and the location of the injury.


    I really have not been doing anything other than stop heavy activities and taking a couple of Ibprufen everyday since November. Even the Surgeon said they wouldn't help. My neurologist told me I could try these steroid things but she said they won't help.

    My life:

    I am a mechanical engineer, I started my job in June 2010. I sit infront of the computer 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week. I never had any symptoms before this job. On my previous job (around March or April and only for a couple of months), I lifted alot heavy boxes, etc.
    I am generally active, I play soccer and been lifting weights for 2 or more years. But nothing serious since January 2010, so way before I felt my symptoms. I do not know how this happened but I was involved in a minor car accident 2 years ago and i could remember a couple of good falls on my buttock.

    Any advice is appreciated. I am really woried that this will get worse with time. I am only 23. Thank God for everything in general.



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    Hi Shifo2500,
    I don't have any medical advice for you, but I do want to welcome you to CCC and I hope that someone here can provide the information you are looking for. This place has a wealth of information, so keep posting. Again, Welcome!

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    Welcome, Sherif. I am so sorry this has happened to you, but glad you've found the forum - as Eileen says, there's a wealth of information here. I don't have the medical expertise to answer your questions, but I do know that the usual approach to disc protrusions is to proceed conservatively at first, with PT and other non-invasive methods - so the neurosurgeon's approach sounds reasonable. Best wishes to you.

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    Always best to get at least 2 if not 3 surgical opinions prior to making a decision about back surgery like this. There are risks associated with the surgery itself, and sometimes it can make things worse.


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    Thanks everyone for the welcome and advice

    For SCI-Nurse or anybody that knows:

    Are there anythings I can do to reduce the swelling in the spinal cord? do you have an idea how long it takes for this to recover on its own? (if that is even possible)

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    Swelling slowly resolves over time. Everyones recovery is different.I know that is what everyone has told you. Just keep exercising.

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    nerve damage progression

    Just recently I started having sort of a quick virbation or tingling in my left leg (the normal one), more toward the feet and under the knee areas so far. This happens for like a 1-2 seconds and it occurs often throughout the day.

    My right leg (the bad one) has been steady for a while as far as feelings however the bottom of my feet is very very sensitive to the point you know i cant rub something on it (like pressing on gas pedal for example).

    I have not done any kind of physical activity in the last 3 months or so, just been working and doing easy actitivies. So I do not know, it feels like there is some kind of progression in my symptoms. I am really worried this will keep progressing, then both legs would have problems.

    Could there be more nerve damage to come and it does not matter what I do? or is this area damaged in my spinal cord is already bad and it will eventually damage everything below that point?

    Thank you,

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