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Thread: Kuschall Rigid Wheelchair?

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    Kuschall Rigid Wheelchair?

    Hello. Does anyone use or has anyone checked out a Kuschall rigid chair? According to the latest word from my durable medical equipment supplier (and a kuschall rep. who was in town and so they are biased) the chairs are made in Switzerland and are very popular in Europe. I was looking at the Airlite version. They had a demo model and I liked the chair. I am wondering if anyone has first hand knowledge on how they hold up/perform on a full time basis?


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    I owned two Kuschall Champion 3000. The simple box frame really appealed to me. My first one fell off my HD trike going around the Washington, DC beltway. I continued to use it for couple years following the ordeal. It might have exacerbated my scoliosis from broken frame. It created an uneven posture. It was discontinued in North America for a while. However, I believe Invacare has recently reintroduced it in North American continent.
    I just got a Quickie Ti, open box rigid frame with Verilite back. My first titanium chair. I am happy with it. Consider going to a Seating Clinic at Physical Medicine and Rehab. Facility for correct measurements.Have the DME vendor deliver the chair to Seating Clinic as well, for proper adjustments and accountability. Cheers!

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