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Thread: What iPad Apps Do You Use?

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    A few more:

    –text plus
    –air hockey
    –brain trainer
    –Verizonfios: remote control for cable television.

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    Word with friends
    Open table
    Angry birds
    C5/6 complete 10/27/2009 MVA

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    A couple of months ago, someone posted this link for apps that are useful for people with disabilities.

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    Oooo thanks for the recommendations! My boyfriend bought me an ipad which is great but clueless with the ipad compatible apps! I've got too many apps on my iphone!
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    Tunein Radio (WICN, wicked pissa cool jazz radio station)
    Calculator XL

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    Words with Friends
    Fruit Ninja
    ESPN Scorecenter
    Fantasy Football apps

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    I play words with Friends and Lexulous.. you can play anygame you set up on Lexulous. com or Facebook.

    I like puzzles but also use it as a back up communication aid and have Proloquo2go text-to speech on it.

    I have Typ-O too which offers word prediction and speeds up typing to send to email or into another text box.

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    iPhone Apps for easier living

    Unity Universal Remote - An interesting iPhone App that I use to control my environment (TV, Blu Ray, Lights, Blinds, etc, etc) is called the Unity Universal Remote. You can find it at the Unity website and watch a review here. The App is free from iTunes but the hardware costs around $99 or £99 at Amazon.
    Jumimouse - Another good iPhone App is the JumiMouse, this lets you use your iPhone’s screen as a Mouse Pad with a pop-up on request QWERTY keyboard and gamepad (if you buy the JumiGamer edition). You can buy the App from iTunes store for under $4 or £3, there’s a few remote Apps out there but this is the best in my opinion, check out their website.
    Proloquo2go - For anybody with speech issues there a great App called Proloquo2go. This App uses a QWERTY keyboard or Symbols then converts these commands into a very clear speech output to your iPhone speakers or its audio output device. Again, there’s a’lot of similar software Apps out there but in my option this offers great value for your buck at $190 or £110 from the iTunes store.
    Dragon Dictation – A compact version of the popular Dragon Naturally Speaking software. This App allows you to speak and see instant messages on your iPhone. This is handy for sending text and email messages or even Facebook or Tweeting. This App has great reviews and available to download free from iTunes.

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    I just loaded the Dragon Dictation app on my IPad, and it is great, easy to use and free!

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