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Thread: Just came home after 4 months

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    Welcome my friend and sorry you need us but keep on keepin on and God speed.

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    Howdy Tin,

    There's quite a few of us riders here. I don't remember my wreck either, and probably glad of it. I was sitting at a red light and got rearended by a car doing ~50mph, I'm a T10.

    Get ready for some weird feelings being home. Rehab is kinda like a cocoon, coming home is like busting out into your new world. Lots of happiness, pissed off'edness, some oh shit, times ahead.
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    Hey Tin (if thats yer real name)
    Motorcycle wreck, T3, 2007 here too.....and did anyone ever say to you "oh but thank goodness you were wearing a helmet"???

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    Thanks for all the support guys n gals.
    Mark- yes I do get that from everyone. I have my license for 8 years and this was my first ever accident.

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    Welcome Tin! Great place to come! I have learned so much here as a caregiver for my daughter (C6/C7 incomplete).

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