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    Photography is the one hobby you can do that is very comforting and relaxing. You can spend hours doing something you enjoy doing and while it demands your total concentration - the end result is very satisfying and lets you know it was worth it. Each photo has a story of it's own whether it be a nature shot or a person shot, and you have to be able to see that story for the picture to have a true meaning. Here's my website if you're interested. I'm a T7 para and use a Canon XTi 10.1 with different zoom lenses and a Canon S3 6mp. Been an amateur freelance about 8 years now and work as a customer rep at a call in center.

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    Welcome...great shots...

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    nice work! i especially liked the bumble bee hovering over the flowers.

    i also love photography... i rock a nikon D-40.

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    I love photography too. I think your shots are great. How do you market yourself?

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    In Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 your missing a P in photography. ooops.

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    Found this thread after searching for photography. I have posted in the past and I too love photography. I am not a pro but I am a HUGE hobbyist. I do make some money on some stuff like 1st communions and senior pics and action but do not consider myself a pro and never will, takes the fun out of it. I mainly like to help others and want to make enough money to feed my expensive addiction and it is expensive LOL I'm a L-1 but am luckier than most I guess since I do have the use of my left leg but not my right. I am able to get in tighter spots since I don't need foot rests and just roll around by picking up my right leg with the left one. I have always loved photography but it wasn't until I took some horrible shots with a Nikon P&S that I decided to really dive into it. I had already taken photoshop classes online so I knew how to do that a little bit so decided to buy a Canon 20D after reading and looking at images over on I took 1 online course about exposure and the rest I learned from the good people at in the sports forum. Lots and lots of deleted images later I am very comfortable with with what I can do but still make bonehead mistakes every now and then hahahahaha.

    I shoot mainly girls sports since it's a little safer for me and they really do not get the coverage like the boys do and the parents like buying pics of their daughters. I shoot for two all girls catholic high schools that are in my area and both are Div. 1 although the one school is much better then the other one in sports and they have won state championships. Deleted all my pics from last school year to make room for a new year so I don't have any pics to share except for a couple of Alumnae games and some summer league softball.

    I use a Canon MKIV with the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS MKII as my main combo and for distance I will throw on the Canon 300 2.8 IS Those are my two main sports lenses plus I will use a wide angle every now and then.




    Love shooting Vball and will be getting lots of it in a couple of weeks when the season begins but these aren't that great.








    11. She was called out but she was safe


    13. Maybe NOT the best example for 1st communion LOL

    I do have some difficulty when using lighting indoors but try to do my best

    thanks for looking and get out and shoot

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    i'm just starting to take up photography too, i bought a canon rebel t3 with 18-55 lens and a 75-300 lens and i have a fuji point n shoot as well as a 8mp phone camera that takes some unbelievable shots. i got into it because my daughter is into photography as well and i attend alot of wheelchair sporting events and think ill start being the picture taker guy

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    It's addicting

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    I have enjoyed making pictures for years. I mostly use a Nikon D90 with a few favorite lens. A have a few pictures posted here: If anyone cares to have a look. Mostly are nature and shots from around my area.

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    Nice pictures everyone.

    I like the relaxing and waiting of nature photography but I also really enjoyed capturing that really special picture when my daughter was doing sports.

    I am getting ready to order my 4th canon and discover Virginia. I took some stormy pictures yesterday while we were out riding. I have to get my website up and going. Most everything is on my facebook and on Carecure in various posts.

    I can't wait for fall to get here. I also like roads and barns. However, recently anything can catch my eye and I make sure I don't leave the house without a camera in my purse.
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