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Thread: Does drinking alcohol make neuropathic pain better or worse?

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    Hi everyone for the most part the majority seems to weigh towards yes

    darrel you made a great point one of my friends has serious spine problems and he often drinks a good 6 pack daily to help him and he feels some form of relief . He says it makes life manageable .

    I couldnt drink a 6 pack but like I said sometimes a ice cold one takes off the edge

    99% time I drink Water / Gatorade

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    from my perspective I live at 9-10 most of the time anyway, scream in my sleep and wake up the house every night so it can't get much worse.

    I start drinking scotch or bourbon or... about 4PM til i sleep/passout for a bit or get to tired or drunk to get out of bed for a refill.

    The alcohol hangover is easier than the drug hangovers.

    Doc says the alcohol isn't much worse and possibly easier on the system than the drug cocktail I was on. So I drink.

    I truly do not believe alcohol increases my CP or other pain

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    We have beer:30 on a rough day. It does take the edge off pain. But I don't even drink a full beer usually. My husband got some Templeton Rye for Xmas. That's like drinking "moonshine." The more liquids I drink, (water) the less spasticity I seem to have the next day.
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    I like a cold one when crap get's rough
    For year's i've had neuropatic pain and just all sorts of problems from all the bones i';ve broken in my body

    Nothing beats a nice cold one imop lol
    I dont have the answers but I can relate to all forms of Pain !!!


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    beer helps my nero pain but it doesnt help my head the next morning haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by onolan View Post
    Clean, well distilled ethanol such as smirnoff vodka absolutely and powerfully drops neuropathic pain into the lightest whisper----dose dependent of course.

    Not a sustainable thing day after day after day , as we all know.

    Still when things get tough its better than Vidodin and less harmful overall.
    Grey Goose works for me, but the side effects are too pronounced.

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    Maybe someday we all can open a pub
    hugs to ya all

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    My family is opening a brewery. It's called Port City Brewing, Co.
    Check 'em out on FB! Facilities are almost done, in Alexandria, VA

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Thumbs up Our Pubs Names ???

    That's so kool

    I truly like good lager if I spelled that right lol I dont drink cheap beer

    My buddy Mark drinks Dark Dark lager

    Geesh I think arndog me n you all can open a great pub called ;
    "" CCsPain erasures pub ""

    Lets think of some names !!!!

    Hugs to ya all

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    it seemingly makes it better, and then you wake up the next morning with your brain floating around in the haze of $3 kamikaze specials from your night the local gay bar. why oh why did
    they ever think anything made with 'well' vodka deserved to be called 'special'?

    and the hangover makes it worse.
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