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Thread: rolling shower chair needed in Boston

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    rolling shower chair needed in Boston

    A good friend of mine is traveling to Boston with her son C5/C6 for an interview for medical school yet they do not have a portable shower chair and the airlines is making them jump through hoops to box up their reg shower chair and pay for shipping but then the problem of transportation etc to hotel and back to the airport. Very challenging. I have found rentals in Florida, any in Boston area? Anybody have a spare in the area? Her son is 6'4" 225lbs
    Please advise..asap

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    Some larger hotel chains have shower benches available for guests. He could get a room with a roll in shower, put the bench in the shower and transfer from his wheelchair (after undressing in bed) onto the shower bench. Not idea, but a reasonable solution for a few days.
    Try contacting a local Independent Living Center. They may know of a "borrowing closet" that let's individual "check out" equipment for short term use.

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    Actually, if they do not box up the shower chair, and just use it as an aid to ferry the luggage, the airlines have to ship it along without charge. Just make sure that all parts are taped on - I use gaffer's tape - much better than duct tape.

    This was true 6 or 8 months ago, and I believe that it still is - but you should probably check.

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