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Thread: Fingers moving after 40 years;? for Wise & RNs

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    Lightbulb Fingers moving after 40 years;? for Wise & RNs

    After several doctors and MRI's over the past few years because of slow muscle atrophy in my upper R pec and bicep and finally muscle weakness, numbness and tingling in my whole right arm that very quickly affected my ability to push, I found a neuromuscular neurologist, Dr. McCluskey at Penn if you live in the area and need one(he is great) who looked at my latest MRI and read the report and told me I had a large anachroid cyst and a lot of CS fluid at C6/7. I saw him on a Friday and Monday I was admitted and Tuesday, I had a laminectomy and a shunt put in that feeds the fluid to my belly. It was real rough going, 15 days there and then off to rehab where I finally got discharged Tuesday, Dec. 28 - 43 days total.

    This has been one of the worst years of my life and this has been one of the hardest things I've efer been through, but for this. Some time after the operation, Dr. Welch the surgeon asked me if I could move my fingers and I thought he was nuts and said NO. Then the day before I was transferred out to rehab, he asked me again and my answer was the same. he said keep watching. At rehab about 3 1/2 weeks later, I noticed my R pointer finger move and then I moved it on command 10 times, stopped and did it again - then my R thumb - then my L middle and ring fingers(they only move together). My rehab team were scratching their heads and my physiatrist said just keep working them. There is no function, they just move back and forth.

    I'm totally amazed and just stare at them. After all these years, how is this possible? What does it mean for all us old timers? Who would have thought, it's crazy.

    So all I can say is Happy New Year and stay HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's awesome! Keep working them, you never know!

    Happy New Year
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    (That sounds freaking truly awesome!)
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    That's so cool Claire I'd be wigglin' em all day long. Sorry you had such a rough go of it. But Happy New Year!
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    Hooray for you. Just another reason to never give up.
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    Wonderful! Uh, the fingers, not the rest.

    I started being able to move one finger a couple years ago & I'm getting some twitches elsewhere but nothing functional. I'm thinking of getting a tens unit & starting 4AP. Worth a try.

    Good luck & get better soon, Claire!

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    That's great! Happy New Year!

    I wonder what made the guy think that you WOULD be able to move them. He must know something. Have you asked him?

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    thanks guys for your well wishes. it is sooo cool and awesome!! my surgeon wants to see me for a follow up. i'll ask him questions then. at the time he was asking me such FOOL HARDY questions, he had me blindsided and seeing stars.

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    Small gain can make big difference in our daily life.
    I am 14 year post quad. C5 –C6 complete. Two years ago I found out I can move my left hand index finger and thumb little.. For able person smallest thing we learn may not seems important but it makes great difference to us. Slowly I start learning to do different things using it. It was hard in beginning. I didn’t have enough pressure to push TV remote control button or numbers on cordless phone. . But I kept trying and learn using my index finger and thumb.
    Before I was afraid to go in elevator by my self but now I can push numbers in elevator and up and down alone myself.
    One day I had my doctor’s appointment. It was last appointment. Trimet lift service (Special small bus service transport disable people for door to door service) forgot to pick me up to go home. and it was getting dark. All offices were closing. I was asking people if some one can call my son to pick me up but everybody in hurry to go home . Nobody was helping. I started worrying and finally one lady help call my son. That day I wished if I be able to use cell phone. Thank God I learned to use cell phone and now I can carry with me.
    My son is very fond of latest technology since early childhood.. He surprises people getting information instantly since childhood using memory watch, palm pilot and now iPhone touch.. I was wishing if I be able to use iphone or ipod touch like him. I bought iphone but my right hand fingers not working at all and if I hold iphone with right hand it touches screen and cuts off. But now I am learning ipod able to do many thing.
    Sorry little long reply but I want to make point that our smallest recovery make big differences in our daily life.

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    hi kishorc, wow! no apologies necessary. i'm so happy for you. that small movement made a huge difference in your life, especially in ensuring a life line. thanks for your reply. it will encourage me to exercise them even more. so cool.

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