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Thread: possible fistula?

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    possible fistula?

    I was taken to the ER last night, dangerous high blood pressure. There was a hardness all around my sp cath but the cath was draining. They took the cath out and put a new one in and urine drained alot and hardness went away. Blood pressure returned to normal and I went home. This is the second episode in a week. They said a possible fistula, does this sound right? I also had a bladder infection and started cipro today. could infection have caused this and maybe partially blocked the cath? I had a lot of white slime in urine. What should i do if this happens again. a new cath solves it for a while.

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    A true UTI can sometimes cause AD.

    You need to see your urologist if they think you have a fistula of some kind. Special tests, and often surgery are needed to correct this. On what basis did they determine that you had a fistula?

    You have an indwelling catheter, so need to have access to an irrigation kit and normal saline so you can irrigate if your catheter clogs. You should also have a catheter change kit and new catheter, and have someone trained who is able to change the indwelling catheter for you (if you are unable to do this yourself) using proper technique. You should also have on hand medications for managing AD while you get further help.

    If you are clogging your catheter on a regular basis (how long can you go between changes normally??) you should also discuss regular daily instillation of Renacidin solution with your urologist.

    Are you drinking at least 3 liters of water daily? This will also help to prevent clogging.


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    i guess they thought fistula because urine was just sitting around the stoma making a hard lump. meanwhile the cath is still draining some. would irrgiation have helped? i've never clogged a cath in 21 yrs. so i've never had an irrigation kit. yes my daughter does change my cath and she was the one to do it in the ER. we originally thought my distress was from the bowel. i did 3 bowel programs in 2 days seeking relief from stomach spasms. i'd be good for 5 hrs after pooping but then spasms would come back. could stool in the bowel put pressure on the poorly draining stoma? it was hard to decide which was elevating my blood pressure. cath change did solve it for now and i'm still ok 18 hrs later so stool must not have been the biggest factor. i'm waiting for urologist to call back, i'm hoping to get in right away before this happens again.

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