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Thread: Bed recommendations

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    Bed recommendations

    I am getting ready to move back home and need a good hospital bed. I have several pressure sores on my sacrum and gluteal folds. I want the bed that has the proper mattress to help resolve these. Also, I want a bed that turns me so that I do not have to have someone do it every three hours. I am a C3 complete with no movement yet below the shoulders. Any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance.

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    There have been a number of threads and posts (some fairly recently) about beds on this site. Try searching here for those threads and comments by members.

    All the best,

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    The bed frame and mattress are usually two separate products. Will you be purchasing or renting? Who is paying? Is price an issue?

    For a good quality turning low air loss (LAL) mattress, you might want to consider the Joerns/Triline TurnCair mattress, or their Cair Turn RT if you don't need LAL.

    An older mattress system that is LAL would be the Invacare TurnQ, which you can sometimes find used on eBay.

    If you are getting a LAL or turning mattress, you should have a bed frame with side rails ideally. Do you also need one that is compatable with an ECU system?

    Of course with existing pressure ulcers, you should be positioned off these wounds even when in bed on a specialty mattress. A turning mattress will give you sacral pressure all the time, and the turning feature does not work if the head of the bed is elevated over 30 degrees.


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    I will be purchasing the bed through insurance, so I am sure they will not pay for a top-of-the-line system. And unfortunately, Medicaid will not let me upgrade -- it's kind of an all or nothing situation, either let them buy that what they recommend or buy it on my own.

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    hill-roms p400 has been awesome w/ me. it is nice and quiet and it is very poor to be sitting on. if your bed bound do-not get this type of bed. I switch to a firm mattress afew times out of the year when forced to be on bed rest, thanks to the famous U.T.I.

    alternating over-lays are efficient if used properly. sheets are thightly fitted w/ atleast 3 sheets.(wicks the moisture) dont use any bed pads, even the cloth one's.

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    at one point was interesting.

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    Why do you recommend not using any bad mats? I typically use a fitted sheet, draw sheets, and bed mat.

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    Is anyone familiar with either of these two types of beds – The Pressure Guard Turn Select and/or The Pressure Guard Easy Air. I found both of them on

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    Used to use the SpanAmerica Turn Select, but changed to a different product/company due to frequent need for service/breakdowns on these (with only a few years of use).

    Anything you can do to minimize the layers of linens, etc. between you and the bed surface (if it is a pressure reducing mattress) will make the mattress more effective. This is esp. true if the fabric does not stretch. We recommend knit (t-shirt style) bottom sheets because they do stretch, and also allow better air flow (if you are using a LAL mattress).


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    What mattress did you switch to and did you still need to be turned with the turn select?

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