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Thread: An example of relatively good reporting

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    An example of relatively good reporting

    I've found through reading the newspaper that many times stem cell stories in regards to spinal cord injuries are lacking.

    The often miss the point and end up reporting on walking mice and jumping monkeys. Of course the animal studies are important, but they are not an end to themselves. The stories often trivialize stem cell research, so it doesn't give people the information they need to actually see how close the research has gotten us to a cure. This leaves the average person thinking how nice it will be in the distant future when spinal cord injury paralysis is cured, instead of seeing it where it is and demanding that government take action to bring the remarkable work of scientists to fruition.

    I'm sending a link of a relatively well reported story regarding stem cells and breast replacement for women who are survivors of breast cancer. The work is taking place in Japan and one of the participating universities is from the city where I live, Osaka University.

    So I'm going to send my letter-to-the-editor off to the Yomiuri thanking them for a well reported story. Also from now on, I'm going to write to newspapers when they write a poorly reported article on stem cell research. If you know of any shoddy stem cell research reporting, let me know, and we'll write together.

    My full comments regarding the story and how it relates to SCI can be found as always on my blog at

    The link to the full story in the Yomiuri can be found at
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    Good news. As I read the blog you remind us of the innumerable times we read of leaping primates and rats which is true enough. They have been unparalised, but without our intervention they would not be there at all.

    OK, I'm not some one who advocates bombing the laboratories that do this, but done once, only to be repeated again and again seems pretty wasteful, (and cruel).
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