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Thread: carbon fiber frame wheelchair

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    carbon fiber frame wheelchair

    Anyone heard or tried one of these

    the entire frame's made of carbon fiber. a couple of guys i know owns em n they look freakin wicked.

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    I wonder how strong carbon fiber is?

    My axle(?), backrest, and side guards are all carbon fiber. They are really light and look cool, but don't seem like they could handle a lot of beating.
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    November..... Lets just say a large amount of the new airbus A380, largest passanger plane EVER, is CF. In it's length axis, its much stronger than steel.

    CF downfall is it breaks down in UV light, aka the sun, unless properly coated. Also its VERY stiff.

    Most high end road bicycles are CF, but in every day bump and crash, you could have issues.

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    How much is that chair to buy? I wonder how strong it is because i have broken two wheelchairs from because of the stress i put on them from working out. That chair looks sweet.

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    i had a solid carbon chair back in the day. action fx, hated it. it got tore up crazy quick rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by november
    I wonder how strong carbon fiber is?
    Extremely. If I can find the pic of my husband (175 lbs) standing on the carbon fender of my car, I'll post it. We've also had customers report that they accidently ran over their carbon hoods and splitters with their cars and other than a few cracks in the paint, the pieces were fine.

    Anyway, I've been looking for a carbon fiber wheelchair for ages now. That Italian company has a great looking one. I wonder...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    CF downfall is it breaks down in UV light, aka the sun, unless properly coated.
    Paint takes care of that.


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    I'd be wondering how that might work out under typical car transfer usage...scrapeing the ground, etc. Unless you dont hit anything or break it down ever?

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    I had two cf wheelchairs. While cool and light carbon fiber does not make a good wheelchair. Both of mine broke.....

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