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Thread: Wound issues FYI...any suggestions?

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    Wound issues FYI...any suggestions?

    Hi All, I am Doug and have been an sci person for almost 4 years. trying to mend a huge sore on my butt -almost going on 3 years to heal. It was HUGE and they operated and took my ass away along with most of my tailbone too! Had a woundvac then that did not work, so we now use a very simple wet to dry dressing and I try to get off of it as I can and still be functional. It was 13cm x 12cm...8cm depth and numerous tunnels and recessed areas. NOW -3cm x 2.5cm 2 cm depth and about a cm of recessed on the sides. I have decided not to have the flap procedure at this time because of issues with healing. I really have heard a lot of issues with the flap procedure and would like anyones opinion or comments about this. Thanks for your help!


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    I had a flap when I was 15 (am now 38) and that sucker has held up over much abuse. If executed properly, it's a godsend to fast healing.

    Ever tried electrical stimulation on your wound? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

    P.S. I felt I should clarify for our 'minds in the gutter crowd' that the abuse I meant was transferring, weight gain, etc ... not 'that' sort of abuse!
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    The postop recover from flap requires no pressure on it for weeks.And long period of sitting program to ensure no breakdown afterwards.
    But the flap can be very useful for healing.

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    Getting a flap 8 yrs ago was the worst mistake I ever made. I was newly injured and didn't know any better. I didn't know to get off of it so it would heal on it's own. I did the flap surgury and it turned a dime sized stage III ulcer into a saucer sized stage IV ulcer. Took 3 more operations and a year in bed on a wound vac to finally get it healed. Had I known then what I know now, I would have just stayed in bed until it healed. It would take an ulcer from hell to make me consider another flap.

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    Wound care clinicians using Microcyn are having excellent results with pressure sores of all kinds. You can contact Dan McFadden at to locate a physician in your area using Microcyn, or you can try to contact Dr. Cheryl Bongiovanni at She has a very good track record at healing these kinds of sores. Many SCI patients are using it at home themselves. The liquid is expensive, so you can use Vetericyn, the veterinary equivalent, which is exactly the same thing. The gel is reimbursable, Medicare, etc. Microcyn has been shown to relieve bioburden in the wound, contribute to neovascularization, and accelerate fibroblast formation. It loads the wound bed with oxygen--that is why it is sometimes called super-oxidized water. There's a lot more that can be said, but that should be enough to get you started.

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    Thanks for the info. Leila on Microcyn. I am intrigued and will email to try to locate a physician in my area.

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