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Thread: Stemcell Treatment for Brain injurys Stroke brain hemorage

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    Stemcell Treatment for Brain injurys Stroke brain hemorage

    Hi I understand that most people on this forum are looking for a cure for SCI but is anyone or has anyone been researching or had Stemcell Treatment for Brain injury Stroke or Brain hemorage. I want to have treatment for myself but need to go somewhere that treats this condition.I know there are many clinics claiming they treat these conditions but like with SCI I want somewhere that is consentrating more on this. You are all so lucky Dr Young is focusing only on SCI cure. I am wondering if theres anyone out there like Dr Young focusing on Brain injurys using Stemcells. I would like to hear from anyone that has any information for me on this or is also looking or has had treatment. Umbical cord blood Stemcells have been recommended to me by one Clinic in Mexico but Im wondering if like for SCI patients they need to be HLA matched. Its sooo hard to know where to go and who to trust and which cells are best used. Please Help Anyone Thankyou

    Also I forgot to mention has anyone been to DR Sunil I think thats how you spell it the Dr in INDIA I just saw a few posts from people on here saying he seems good.

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    Check out ReNeuron who are conducting a clinical trial for Stroke in Glasgow. I also notice that ReNeuron are 'Licensees' of Stem Cells Inc who have the go ahead to start a clinical trial for SCI in Switzerland. Both therapies are using neural stem cells.

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    Thanks for the info but the trial is only for 60yr old males. Ill have to keep searching. Thanks anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by TESS36 View Post
    Thanks for the info but the trial is only for 60yr old males. Ill have to keep searching. Thanks anyway
    This is typical, and quite credible. There is a sequel, if this is the right term. We have bowel cancer screening in our area. This available to those over 60 and under 70. Draw your own inference.

    If I had a CT scan (most of us would not ask for, and on what basis would we do so?) my condition would have been spotted before it became acute. Yes, it would cost money, but 1/ I would probably escaped a wheel chair, and 2/ a huge cost to the health service could have been averted.

    To those who say that scanning carries radiation hazards, in addition to the cost, I would say that I believe 99% of acute illnesses could be spotted early enough to be prevented.
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