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Thread: ? antivirus install

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    ? antivirus install

    my webroot is fixin to expire and thought of using a free virus like avast or avg so witch one is best and do i uninstall webroot befor installing new program ok thanks and happy new year
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    AVG 9.0 Free Edition

    Avast Antivirus

    Avira AntiVir

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials.
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    Of the four above, anyone but AVG.

    I use MSE too.
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    We still feel that the quality has degraded as we are seeing a majority of AVG users in the malware forum.
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    It is stable now, but it is just not as effective. The big problem started with a botched update but we are seeing a lot of AVG users in the malware forum and the false positives are up while the detection rate is down. Because of this, the Editor's Pick has been removed.

    Due to the current popularity of AVG, most people won't hear about this but it is what it is.
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    Definitely Microsoft Security Essentials!

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    +3 for MSE. Just works, no nagging.

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    I think the OS system you are running on your machine should be considered in choosing anti virus software.

    I have a desktop w/ Windows XP -sp3 and I find some of the newer editions of antiviral, AVG , etc. can run in to problems.

    On a notebook I have Vista and the same antiviral programs will run fine.

    Just a thought...

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    cool thanks guys lookslike i got some thinkin to do
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    If you have a job, most of the time the antivirus software they use can be installed on your home machine with no extra charges (In the license agreement between them and the company you work for).

    If you don't, I'd go with MSE.

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    I'm just back online after a bout with a virus, and my friend that works at Cisco took off the old stuff and put on Microsoft Security Essentials. Seems to be working pretty bueno...........
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