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Thread: Rice Dream out - Almond Dream in

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    Rice Dream out - Almond Dream in

    I'm done with even the fat-free Lactaid milk. Hooray for health! Just as I started to pat myself on the back I realized that the organic Rice Dream (which for the past two weeks was my staple) has 130 cal and 23 grams of carbs per 8 oz. Almond dream (from the same company) has 50 cal and 6 carbs. I already bought em and I know the almond wont taste as good but for gluten free cereals, coffee, I'm thinking no big deal. Any thoughts on those who've tried em?
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    I love almond milk - to me it tastes even better than rice milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnette View Post
    I love almond milk - to me it tastes even better than rice milk.
    I am going to make Almond milk in my new Vita Mix

    Almond milk is good, but very sweet.

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