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Thread: The Incomplete's Dilemma

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjt8 View Post
    My work out was to try a walk aid unit. I do believe I think i have more issues than the walk Aid can overcome. The discomfort of the shock going down my leg, I really don't want to hack anymore pain if I don't have to. So I got conformation on my Side Stix fore arm crutches coming. To be excited about getting crutches, main I'm easy.
    Are walk aids the electronic things that they put on your legs to make the muscles fire and used as an alternative to braces for foot drop?

    I tried some but don't know what name they were. It was several years ago. They had to be charged like a cell phone.

    Anyway, it caused horrible shooting nerve pain. I have it already being an incomplete but this was like having EMG (nerve conduction studies) all the time. Those tests made my wrists sore after they tested for carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I can't imagine using those "walk aids" all the time. I could not tolerate it for 15 minutes. I also normally don't get spasms as my injury is flaccid. But individual muscles jumped/spasmed all night after I tried it.

    I definitely chose to keep my AFO's.

    I don't think I have talked to anyone who has had success with those other than people who have had minor strokes. Have you? The Physical Therapist was trying his best to sell those things though. I had to keep telling him I could not handle anymore pain than I already deal with.
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    Yea, I'm with you Daisy. No more pain. The bitch of incomplet I'm just one more nerve connection away from being better. Better than I was without it, than all I need is one more connection, than one more. The delemma? That is how I got to this point now and people around me expect more and so do i, kind of.

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    Think I'll see Ian, next time he's around to ask his opinion..........

    And he was too old to Rock'n'Roll but he was too young to die.
    No, you're never too old to Rock'n'Roll if you're too young to die.

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    I agrees ith mostly everything said here. The thing that I am surprised about though is that they used walk aids with a paraplegic. They are only supposed to be helpful for people with higher level injuries. I guess like walking quads...

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