Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, and 5 months post surgery to remove a spinal cord tumor - T3-T5. Diagnosed with brown sequard syndrome. Right leg is weak and can't move well, does not have proprioception, and right ankle will turn in. Wearing AFO for support and I walk with a tripod cane. Wheelchair for long distance. Making progress, but I know recovery will be long.

Left side can move well and is strong, but I have no pain or temp sensation, and no touch sensation. But I feel deep pressure and proprioception is normal.

I take baclofen each day 30 mg, spasms only occur in the AM when I stretch out.

I am just looking for fellow BSS patients to share their stories. One thing I really can't stand is the constant numbness I feel from the diaphram down. What a terrible feeling - all day each day. Does anyone have, or had, that kind of symptom and did it go away?

I am in PT 2 times a week, including pool therapy which helps. I know I am getting stronger and those around me say I walk better, but frankly I don't feel any better.

I know each of you is working hard, and I work each day is some way to get better. I really have not had much luck learing about this condition, but I think this forum will help. Your feedback is appreciated.