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Thread: Just came home after 4 months

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    Just came home after 4 months


    New fella here. I had a motorcycle accident on Aug. 29th and was in the hospital, acute rehab and nursing home for a total of 4 months. I don't remember how I went down. I probably ran over gravels. My bro. says I slammed into a utility poll. Anyhows, I just wanted to say hi and hopefully learn from everyone here. Oh yeah, I'm a T3 complete.


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    Hi Tin, I'm fairly new to the forum, too, although not new to paraplegia. This is a great site -- welcome. I'm learning that the saying here is "we're sorry you had to find us but glad you did" Nice, huh? Good luck. Every day's a new adventure.

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    hi tin
    welcome. There is lots of good information here. Using the search function is a great way to go too.

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    Hi Tin. Hope things are going as smooth as possible. Lots to figure out at first.

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    Glad you found us. You will find a lot of info and wisdom. Post any questions, thoughts or comments you wish to share. Good luck.

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    hi. Sorry you had to find us, but it's a good place to be!
    lots of great info, ask away!

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    Hi Tin, this site is a fabulous resource. Hope you are doing OK, the first 12-24 months are difficult and this site can be a huge help. Stay strong!
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    Hey tin. This place is a great resource. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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    Welcome home!

    I was away 6 months total & couldn't wait to get home. I found it bittersweet though. It was somewhat isolating & hard being confronted w/ being unable to do things like before. Same 'ole house,different situation.
    It got much easier though & there's now nothing like home.

    Good luck. Post whenever & search whatever. The more you know, the better you'll be!

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    Hi Tin,
    Welcome to CCC, and glad you are home again. The first bit being home can be overwhelming, but remember it does get better as you adapt.

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