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Thread: certain foods affect bladder control?

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    certain foods affect bladder control?

    just wondering if others have noticed this problem? i've brought this up to my doctor and he looked at me like i was nuts. i'm only going on 3yrs post, but i've had ggod luck with my bladder program. i can tell when my bladder gets full and can do reflex voiding if i need to, but i mainly use intermittent cath, lots easier and less strain. i hardly ever have any leakage or accidents, but i notice sometimes if i eat certain foods they mess me all up. 2 foods i have really noticed are Taco Bell and spaghetti o's(hey it's quick and easy), i'll pee myself in little squirts every time i move after eating these. they must irritate my bladder or something, it'll last for 4-5 hrs after eating and then i'm fine.

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    I've noticed anything with diced tomatos is a diuretic for me. And I guess everyone knows that salt (as a general rule) makes everyone bloat up and retain water.

    It's all part of finding out how different things work with your personal body chemistry.

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    Orange juice ... I love it ... but I find it irritates my bladder.
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    Different foods can effect your bladder. The chemicals that are in them can stay with the water and end up in the bladder. For each person it may be a little different. We do know that caffeine effects the spasticity of the bladder.
    You will need to experiment to see which foods may be more irritating and whether or not the inconvenience is worth it to you.

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