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Thread: so when you maybe discharged after a blizzard

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    so when you maybe discharged after a blizzard

    NY was socked. I drove myself to the hospital and my van is under snow and most likely plowed in.
    My home has been shoveled but realistically still inaccessible. I left a message with social service early today but no one called back as I am hoping to arrange some local paratransit , which as of today isn't running.
    Will social service help if I am not a Medicaid patient?
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    Hopefully so! Keep us posted Liz.
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    I believe they have to if you tell your social worker it isn't safe just yet. They always assign one to everyone at our hosp., then always ask me if I feel safe to go home anyways...of course, they act like they need to call APS since I'm independently alone during the day..I told you about that before.

    Good luck, again, friend!

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    Yes- there should be a social worker assigned to you. If not, ask for one. THey may also go by the title Case Manager.... either way, having one is pretty routine in most places for people who may have challenging discharge planning needs. I think that the blizzard qualifies as one....

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    Any news, Liz? How ya doin'?

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    This is terrible Liz, can you get friends or family, a neighbor to help you out.

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    i'm sure you're home by now. if not, call me and i'll come bring you wherever you need to go. i wish i saw this sooner. i'm maybe 30miles away, lizzy.
    914 433 4458

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