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Thread: 'Best of What's New' Award From Popular Science -- Wheelchair Seat Cushion

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    'Best of What's New' Award From Popular Science -- Wheelchair Seat Cushion

    Technology Sponsored by U.S.-Russian Nonproliferation Program Receives 2001 'Best of What's New' Award From Popular Science -- Wheelchair Seat Cushion Relies on Weapons Technology To Prevent and Treat Pressure Sores

    WASHINGTON, Nov 13, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- An innovative wheelchair seat cushion that uses guided missile technology to prevent and treat painful -- sometimes deadly -- pressure sores has been selected by Popular Science magazine as one of its 2001 "Best of What's New" awards.

    The Generic Total Contact Seat (GTCS)(TM) was developed by Numotech, Inc., a small medical devices firm based in Northridge, CA. Numotech belongs to the U.S. Industry Coalition (USIC), a nonprofit association of American businesses and academic institutions engaged in nonproliferation efforts sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the U.S. Department of Energy.

    Through Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (IPP), an NNSA program, USIC members undertake technology commercialization projects with partners at U.S. national laboratories and former Soviet weapons of mass destruction institutes. Numotech has partnered with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM and SPEKTR Conversia, a private spin-off company of Chelyabinsk-70, a nuclear weapons development facility in Snezhinsk, Russia.

    The GTCS(TM) idea originated with Numotech, which was seeking new approaches to treatment and prevention of pressure sores -- painful and difficult-to-treat wounds that can extend from the skin surface to bone. Individuals paralyzed by spinal cord injuries or suffering from diseases causing immobility or lack of sensation (e.g. diabetes or MS) are highly susceptible to these sores. More than 60,000 Americans die from pressure sore complications each year; annual medical care costs for these sores are estimated at $8 Billion.

    Sandia scientists drew on their expertise in battery technology, miniaturization, energy conservation, and other weapons technologies to help Numotech create a reliable, effective and economical device. Russian weapons scientists at SPEKTR Conversia will manufacture high-tech parts for the GTCS(TM).

    The piston-driven biomechanical action of the GTCS(TM) compresses buttocks tissues, encourages circulation and prevents tissue death. The cushion has FDA approval as a Class II medical device. Numotech expects to price the cushions between $500-750. For more information, visit .

    The GTCS(TM) was selected by Popular Science magazine from among thousands of new products and technology developments. The 2001 awards, announced today, may be seen at .

    Since 1994, the IPP program has engaged nearly 11,000 former Soviet weapons of mass destruction scientists, engineers and technicians in the development of technologies for peaceful purposes. USIC member companies focus on commercialization of nuclear, chemical and biological technologies. For more information, visit .

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    that sounds even better than the cushion I posted under the care forum.

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