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Thread: Virgin Mobile cell service

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    Virgin Mobile cell service

    Thinking of trying a Virgin Mobile cell phone and service, it got $25 for unlimited data plan but i dont know how good and reliable it is. Has any one used it or have it now? if so what do you think is it worth it?
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    I've used them for years
    IMOP they are very decent for the deals / prices

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    I had one of there trac-phones a few years back and it worked good, the only problem I had was it wouldn't work when I was in the east part of OR, It worked fine along the coast and I-5.
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    thanks i guess its worth a try
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    I have one they use the sprint network.
    Have had it for like 5 years now....I use the $20.00 for 3 month deal as I don't use it much.
    I have the old plan which is 18 cents a minute.
    I think am like up to $320.00 on it now. I have to add $20.00 every 3 months to keep it active.


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    Hi russianboss and everyone
    i think for the quality and $ the virgin mobil phones work great
    I've used them for a long time and they done good as m old expensive nikons or at&t ones

    Virgin mobil has good plans imop ok unlimited $40 month is great for certain people who need to make daily phone calls
    I used that plan excellento

    They got a 3 g usb comp link $40 unlimited monthly even for computers
    My friend hee uses that thing all the time .

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    I've had Virgin Mobile for 2 years and pay $100. a year and seem to have unlimited photo uploads to email and I call Florida long distance often and text to my Mother in Florida and still never went over the $100. a year +tax.. I don't know if it's an offer seen anywhere but if you call and ask for the yearly deal they put you on it. I don't use the internet on the cell so that may be extra..

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