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Thread: An engineer loads his wheelchair

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    An engineer loads his wheelchair

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    Talk about sloooow! Not to mention that never ending beeping!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    Talk about sloooow! Not to mention that never ending beeping!
    Yes, slow! Hope he's not considering a career as a bank robber.

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    It's a quite a common modification here in Sweden - God know why! It's slow, all the doors are open, it takes up all the trunk space and what happens if it breaks down? you are totally fecked!

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    that just seems like a dumb solution
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    yes is very slow, I think I fall asleep while waiting.

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    I could have gotten the chair in and out about 3 times.


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    Neat gadget, but has too many areas for failure.

    Concerning bank robbery as a post SCI vocation, I doubt seriously if any of us could make a swift getaway. If you do take up this career path, be absolutly sure it's a federal bank you rob as the fed's prisons are far better than those which are state run.
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