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Thread: recovery L1 incomplete post 1 year

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    recovery L1 incomplete post 1 year

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to check in again after my husband (boyfriend at that time) fell off a horse and had a burst fracture of L1.
    He was always able to walk but had weak calf and ankle muscles as he had damaged the S1 and L5 nerves and had B&B problems.
    Cauda Equina syndrome. During the rehab period he tried a lot of things like Kryotherapy (being frozen in a chamber for 3 min), Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Magnetic resonance...Trying things out really helped to keep our spirits up.
    He started to urinate again 2 months after the injury and has urinated ever since. He still suffers a little from urgency.
    Also he still has some bowel problems that cause him constipation. After the injury he could get an erection but was not able to ejaculate- he regained this function 4 month after the accident. He has still not recovered full strength in his legs - but we are keeping very positive. He is going to walk 250kms through the atacama desert for a spinal cord research charity. This accident opened up or eyes and we are so incredibly grateful with where we are and what he is being left.
    This site has been amazing and I just wanted to send out a positive recovery story. Happy xmas and good new year with a speedy recovery!!
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