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Thread: spammer "Eternity" visited my private msg

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    spammer "Eternity" visited my private msg

    Hi guys, i got a response yesterday in my private messages that seemed different, i asked all of you what i was missing BEFORE i researched google and saw this person is a spammer. Did i mess up by opening it, and also, wanted to report it. How do i delete it out of my private msgs??

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    My hubby had a weird friend request last week. Since he has posted about 5 times in the last year and never in the last several months it was sort of strange.
    The atavar was sort of an odd naked gyrating woman. Odd.

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    I just got the same private message today,hope it does not do any harm to computer.

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    springfield girl - click a box on the right of the message and then go to the bottom of the page and select delete from the drop down menu and click done and it should go away.

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    Thanks Arndog, i didn't even know i had the drop down menu! Good to know.
    I hope you are in a bit of remission from the pain. It sure seems to have a mind of it's own doesn't it! Do you have the same burning sensation? i bought one of the bio feedback machines but it caused more stress just trying to stay in sync with it, ha, not funny, but true.
    Although i did ride a couple of days ago, i have not exercised on my machines for almost a week. (pain is at a all time high) just waiting for the small reprieves i get from time to time. My husband thinks i overdue it, which i may, when i do use the machines, i figure i might as well push, a routine would be 40 minutes on a seated eliptical at a high level, and then three sets of 15, and one set of 40 on the total gym. Is this lightweight for most of you? I have practically been on my own since the beginning, (as far as traditional rehab is concerned, they were just way to negative for me) I did 9 days at project walk, two separate times, 6 months apart, and 30 (split up) days at University of South Carolina in a research program. I can't say enough good about that program, The first 10 days was under a research grant and i showed improvement in 10 days. It was 3 solid hours per day, 5 days a week. They prefer 3 days week, but since staying in SC was so costly, i asked to do the 10 days straight through. It turns into 12 days, as they tested you one day for a starting reference, and another test at the end. I loved those kids, (third and fourth year PT students with a incredible forward thinking professor). The other 20 days (over 6 months later) was paid for privately I asked then too if i could go the whole 20 straight through. I made it, although i couldn't have done 21!! They were the best!!! i still actually have 10 days paid for, but getting and staying in SC is spendy. The days may have even been donated to someone else by this time, it's been over 2 years. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to look into University of South Carolina's research programs, i can't say enough good about them.
    So back to exercise, i just wing it now.
    I have a unique situation with riding my horse, i could ride bareback all day long and be comfortable, (using a bareback pad and another pad under that for protection of his back) but with the amount of dead weight i still have, my pelvic bones staying in one place for such a long time, it rubbed a sore spot on his back. So now i am back to riding with a saddle to disperse the weight, and it is very uncomfortable to sit on that hard of a surface, i get major sores, (on one side of butt) even though i have tried everything, bicycle shorts, large bandages, all kinds of slick under garments to not rub, but it still does. My situation seems to be unique. Oh well, just running some things past all of you, beautiful day out there, cold, but beautiful. That leads me to one more question, since i don't have any motor past my knees, my legs and feet are like blocks of ice when i go out in cold weather. I use leg warmers, things you would wear under ski pants, but they still freeze, any suggestions? Thanks,

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    Springfieldgirl - I did a horsepack trip through Craig Hospital and traveled south of Gunnison, Colorado. They concluded that the best protection from the saddle was a gel pad. I don't know if you are a wheelchair user being as incomplete as you are, but there are lots of medical cushions out there that can be modified for horseback riding. Jay cushion makes gel cushions that are great. Another company makes "Stimulite" which interestingly is not just for medical uses but also for equestrian applications where they put this pad underneath the saddle to protect the horses skin from sweating and chaffing.
    Cold legs - get insulated nylon pants, mine are by a company "Integral Designs" and they are filled with some synthetic down like insulation. Really lightweight. I think the key to keeping your feet warm is to insulate the leg. Since we don't have the muscle to insulate the blood as it goes to your feet, the blood which is carrying warmth to your feet is cold. Putting on warm shoes won't help. You have to insulate our 'stick' legs to prevent the blood from cooling. I go multiple layers plus the insulated pants for nordic skiing. I also have down filled muckluk (sp?) booties. These are down booties except they go up my calf to just below the knee. They were special order but if you google it you could find it I am sure.

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