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Thread: I'm in bed with a sore

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    I'm in bed with a sore

    Just wanted tolet you know I've been in bed for a couple of weeks with a sore. SCI Nurse, I sent you a PM with pictures, can you please let me know what you think? I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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    Sorry to hear you're not well, Mona - hope you had a Merry Christmas, and hope things look up for you in the new year. Take care of yourself!

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    Mona, I sure hope you won't have to suffer with that for much longer.

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    Hey Mona,
    Not trying to be too personal, but where is the sore and what degree do you think it is. Have you seen a wound care doctor or nurse about it? Hope you have caught it in the nick of time and will be up and about very soon.

    All the best,

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    Ugh, what a rotten gift for the holidays! Hope it heals fast!

    Jim, I love your avatar!
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    Heal Quick Mona Sorry You are dealing with this again...(((hugs)))
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    This is what Obieone had to say about using Microcyn/Vetericyn on her husband's pressure sore:

    I am using it on Bill's pressure sore - he's had 2 rotation flaps on them but a few stitches came apart and I could still feel a little tunneling present when I stuck the cue-tip inside. I am not exaggerating this stuff is amazing. I ordered the spray gel and spray it right into the cavity I am dressing. I also massage it over the whole area to clean and toughen up the skin. I am stunned at how well this is working. I've been coming to CC for over 13 years and Bill and I could write a book about what we do and do not know about pressure sores but this has been without a doubt one of the best "medicines/treatments" we've worked with.
    It won't hurt you to try it Mona.

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    Oh Mona-That stinks. What are you doing to occupy yourself?
    How are things otherwise?

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    sorry, MONA..............

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    I hope the sore isn't too serious Mona. Hope you had a Merry Christmas despite dealing with the sore.

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