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Thread: Help! Catheter not draining into bag!

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    Try to get into the doc sooner. Insist and be firm.

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    Tried. He'll be out of town. He thinks this is caused due to my bladder shrinking. This doctor comes highly recomended and see's and knows more about SCI than most urologist around here. He works out of 1 of the two SCI rehabs here and the one he works out of is the better of the two so I'm kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt even though I believe he is wrong this time.
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    When you flush your cath, does the liquid come back out? I had an issue back in Feb or March with my SP cath not draining right. Over the course of a day or two it went from poor drainage to no drainage at all. I had no return when I flushed at that time either, even tho it went in with no problems.

    I had a cytoscopy (sp??) done, where they put the little camera thing up the urethra and look inside the bladder. It showed that the end of my SP tube was crammed into my bladder wall, blocking off the drainage holes. It caused quite an irritation to the lining of my bladder too, with lots of fluffy cells clumping up all around the site (and blood, mucous, etc). The nurse possibly had put it in too deep when she had last changed it (a couple of days before, but it took that long for the irritation to build up and block things completely).

    Anyways, perhaps a peek up in your bladder would give some answers. Good luck with things! It's no fun at all to have a non-functional SP tube...

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