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Thread: Rough time of the year

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    Dave spent considerable time in the hospital in 2008 and 2009.
    When looking back at the year I thought how grateful we are that 2010 was hospital free.
    The sad part of 2010 was since the life or death adrenaline crisis, the abrupt move to a different home etc the cruel reality sets in of day to day life.
    Equipment failures, unreliable help, minor crisis,pain, set backs,family and friend relationships (you all know the list goes on and on)
    along with the toll on my physical health takes away some of the joy.
    For 2011 I hope to find some balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    A rousing fuck-off to 2010, and 2011 bring it.
    My sentiments exactly..........

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    To all who had a shitty year, this hug is for you:

    And I'd love to be the reason a smile comes to your face,
    even if it doesn't last too long.
    And I'd love to take that string you've got tied around your finger
    reminding you of everything that's wrong.

    I won't try to say I know what you're feeling.
    I won't try to second guess you.
    I won't try to give advice you won't be needing.
    I'm only here to comfort you.

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    Have a crappy pressure sore on my heel, from transfers and lifting my ass in my chair, left heel. Anyway, doc says no fishin till it gone, damn the steelhead are waiting.....

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