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Thread: Happy Holidays!!!

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    Happy Holidays!!!


    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year!

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

    "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg

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    Happy Holidays, friends! 2011 should be a good year.

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    Ty F/O and Buck N

    I am up late
    Same back

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    Merry Christmas! And may all your Christmases be bright!


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    Thanks and back at you!


    P.s. I can't believe my kids aren't awake yet!!

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    And to all of you. 2010 was pretty good, all things considered.

    Who knows what 2011 holds. I'm planning some big changes and a couple of adventures.
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

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    Happy Holidays to all of the CCC family!

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    From our house to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New years.
    T6 complete

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks......

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