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Thread: Remembering Christmas Eve 1978

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper1 View Post
    Nothing but bad memories here too. I'd been in hospital for nearly a year by the time my first post-sci Christmas rolled around. It was also my first overnight trip home. All those months my mantra had been "I want to go home", as if that could somehow reset everything back to normal. Of course it couldn't, and it was such a mental blow to get home and still be broken, broken, broken. I cried the entire time.

    that would be so tough. Going back to your regular environment in a body anything but regular. I was lucky to rehab in a new city. A completely different environment than home. It was much easier.

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    Tomorrow marks 5 years to the day I was hurt. Kudos to those who say things got better for them. They haven't for me. I have been existing for the past five years, not living.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangejello View Post
    Tomorrow marks 5 years to the day I was hurt. Kudos to those who say things got better for them. They haven't for me. I have been existing for the past five years, not living.
    Hi Amanda,

    Ever since my SCI- holidays hold no special meaning to me. Especially Christmas because it's heralded as the biggest and best holiday of the year. All those smiling faces until someone doesn't get that special gift they were expecting. Perhaps it wasn't bought because the gifter was knocked to the ground and trampled upon as the doors of "Black Friday" were opened at 5:00AM. Open those shopping doors early and keep 'em open late so the store shelves full of third world sweatshop trinkets can be emptied for the benefit of the corporate globalist robber barons. Christmas isn't spiritual anymore... it's just the annual cornerstone in the wall of commercialism. When is Oprah going to give out hefty grants to SCI researchers instead of hiding the keys to cheap sub-compact cars under the audience seats. Her show is taking on the air of "The Price Is Right" and you don't even have to "Come on down!"... the advertisers gifts are right under the seats! My friends and family know better than to call here on Christmas and even on Thanksgiving... I don't answer the phone on pre-planned 'happy days'. And my injury was in July.

    Christmas must impact you very hard since it's the anniversary of your SCI. It must also be an awkward day for you and your family. From a wonderful day of snowboarding 5 years ago to a fuckin' ventilator today. If December 25th is Jesus Christ's birthday and if He has 1 ounce of goodness in Him, let us rejoice mightily in a miracle of giving you back just couple or a few vertebral levels. We wouldn't want to put Him out too much on His birthday and ask for a total healing... just a few levels so you can scratch an itch and perhaps transfer yourself into a wheelchair. You got ripped-off royally and it pisses me off.

    I don't want to turn this thread into a religious or political rant so let's not go there. I only threw in a few remarks and they were mostly out of anger. This world is full of suffering but it still irks me to no end to see some people get way more than their "fair share" of it. I hope your general overall health is okay and your PCAs are practicing good infection control when they enter your home. If they don't wash their hands thoroughly as soon as they enter and if they have a cough that may indicate an upper respiratory infection... get them the hell out of your space. Though I realize that it's difficult to find good PCAs and you may fear that any type of complaint at all may leave you totally alone and practically helpless for awhile. You probably feel kinda lucky if they just show up on time... or at all! I'm glad you have good family there to help you out in emergencies. BTW, how is your Dad doing? I hope he regained a lot if not all of everything he lost to his stroke. Couldn't "God" have created a neurological system with a little sturdiness to it?

    Hang in there Amanda... there's less than 2 hours left in this day.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Christmas also marks the two-year Guillain-Barré anniversary of a buddy of mine who was already a C-2 quad. Christmas isn't a happy time for him either. Only one more hour to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    Every Christmas Eve I can remember my first as a new SCI. I had just been shipped over to our rehab hospital GF Strong from acute care. So I had to as yet meet my rehab mates who would become lifelong friends. Naturally, everyone who had family was home on a pass for the Christmas holidays. Except of course the patients who had suffered severe brain injuries. My family was thousands of miles away on the East Coast.

    So there I was on Christmas Eve in the 'day room' overlooking the lights of the city. Just myself and the head injury patients. One of them was eating a Styrofoam ball off the Christmas tree like it was an apple. (I'm not slagging people with head injuries; I'm just trying to set the scene.) Sometime later the tree was lying flat on the floor. Meanwhile, I'm looking at my reflection in the large plate glass window thinking Merry f*****g Christmas.

    Needless to say, things got much better and it's been for the most part a wonderful 32 years. So for all the new injuries out there feeling low during this first Christmas with SCI, hang in there it does get better.

    Merry Christmas to all
    Yes, I was released December 23, 1997. It's amazing how you remember the first of everything, isn't it? The first summer is really horrible, too. It does get better, though.

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    Last year was my first X-mas with my SCI. I was very depressed. This year was my 2nd, it was a little easier because I was home with my family.
    Injured October 2nd, 2009. C5 incomplete ASIA C
    C2-C3 fusion, C4, C5, C6 and C7 laminectomy.
    And after another operation on February 14th 2014, I am now C1 to T1 incomplete ASIA C, with C5 incomplete neurological function at ASIA C.
    C1 foraminotomy, C1, C2, C3 laminectomy, scar tissue removal from C3 to C7, nerve root decompression of C7 and C8 and a Cervical Re-fusion. All due to a gradually worsening genetic disorder that I have and the other collateral complications that comes along with it.

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    My dad is doing okay Bob. Thanks for asking. Not many people do. Slow progress that has been painful to watch as he is angry and frustrated by the struggle to regain what the stroke affected but he is walking short distances now and doing fairly good health wise. His ability to speak is still very impaired so that part hasn't gone as well as the rest of his recovery unfortunately. I don't know that he will ever speak normally again although his mind is working fine. As for me I honestly don't know Bob. I am just very tired. I wish I could see beyond the bleak but I can't. I have thought about you in the past few months and wondered how you were. I hope you are doing okay.

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    This Christmas was actually the 3rd since Sarah's injury. 2008 - she was near death, 2009 - was great since we were able to celebrate together as a family. We were able to take Sarah shopping and enjoyed everything about it. 2010 - I hated it. For me, this was harder since the true reality of it all is finally sinking in. I know it has been 2 years since her accident, but it still sucks!! Just went through the motions. Can not wait to get all of the decorations put away. The holidays will always be filled with mulitple emotions - the days of almost losing my daughter and the blessing that she is still here with us. When will this crazy madness ever end?

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    My first Christmas was in the hospital. I remember my parents was allowed to stay two hours, instead of the usual 45 minutes and the woman, 75 years old, I shared room with was allowed to go home for Christmas. And I remember I felt alone.

    I have forgotten most of it, I am not exactly sorry for the lack of memory, I bet it was not a nice evening.

    But I am very happy the parents are allowed to stay with the children at the hospital and rehab now and they get full paid from their jobs.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    My injury occurred on Jan 11, 2009, seventeen days after Christmas. My thoughts often reflect on how differently I would have spent that Christmas had I knew it would be my last as a normal person. Just feel suspended in time now, waiting on the day I can once again feel normal and worry that I'll forget what that feels like.

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