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Thread: Remembering Christmas Eve 1978

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    Remembering Christmas Eve 1978

    Every Christmas Eve I can remember my first as a new SCI. I had just been shipped over to our rehab hospital GF Strong from acute care. So I had to as yet meet my rehab mates who would become lifelong friends. Naturally, everyone who had family was home on a pass for the Christmas holidays. Except of course the patients who had suffered severe brain injuries. My family was thousands of miles away on the East Coast.

    So there I was on Christmas Eve in the 'day room' overlooking the lights of the city. Just myself and the head injury patients. One of them was eating a Styrofoam ball off the Christmas tree like it was an apple. (I'm not slagging people with head injuries; I'm just trying to set the scene.) Sometime later the tree was lying flat on the floor. Meanwhile, I'm looking at my reflection in the large plate glass window thinking Merry f*****g Christmas.

    Needless to say, things got much better and it's been for the most part a wonderful 32 years. So for all the new injuries out there feeling low during this first Christmas with SCI, hang in there it does get better.

    Merry Christmas to all

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    Merry F*cking X-Mas indeed........that is quite a memory.
    As they say "thanks for sharing."

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    Thanks for sharing that VQ.
    I'm only on my fifth Christmas.
    "Its not about being right. It's about getting it right."
    Joe Dumars

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    Well Van Quad
    My first Christmas as a new SCI was totally different. I left the hospital on an "overnight" on Dec 18th 2005 and didn't return. The doc in charge of the rehab knew I was going to pull that one so he wasn't surprised when I did. One of the OT's said at the meeting "but I didn't pass him on the cooking class" As if I was going to starve.

    I had both my kids with me for Christmas, my girlfriend came over with her three kids so it was busy and fun. I was stuffed by the end of it and I remember thinking how lucky I was to get out of the hospital when I did.

    This Christmas is a quiet one for me. My son and his fiance left this morning to go to her home town for Christmas and my daughter left on the 22nd to meet up with her mom at her aunts in Los Angeles. So we had out Christmas early and it will be me and the cat in for a quiet day tomorrow.

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    Nothing but bad memories here too. I'd been in hospital for nearly a year by the time my first post-sci Christmas rolled around. It was also my first overnight trip home. All those months my mantra had been "I want to go home", as if that could somehow reset everything back to normal. Of course it couldn't, and it was such a mental blow to get home and still be broken, broken, broken. I cried the entire time.


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    I was on pass for christmas but I remember one head injury patient who during dinner in the cafeteria whipped out his penis and jerked off, the older patients didn't bat an eye but the younger ones (myself included) found it to be the highlight of our day.

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    Wow. David too was in the hospital till December 21st. I had done no shopping whatsoever so on the morning of the 21st when they said they were sending him home in the afternoon, the girls and I took our new accessible van to Best Buy and bought our 60 inch tv with surround sound. That was in 2005. You know that darn ramp comes in handy for alot of things. Just slid that tv in there and back out as soon as we got it home. Then I told our 13 year old daughter at the time to move the car out of the way and she hit the tv which was still in the driveway, tore the mirror off the door. But the tv was fine, it was still in the box thank god. Then we hurried back and got David. Our live Christmas tree was dead because we had neglected watering it so we were afraid to turn the lights on in fear it would catch fire. So we watched videos of Christmas' past on our new TV. David doesn't remember much of any of it. But I too remember sitting in the day room at the hospital playing catch with David with some stupid blowed up big Christmas ornament and the other elderly patients screaming and crying and god do I hate to think of all that. As has been said, things have gotten so much better and I am in great hopes they continue to improve. Merry Christmas to all.

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    My First

    2010 I'll be glad to see it go. I'm happy and thankful to be alive for this Christmas to spend it with my 8 year old girl and 12 year old boy. While laying in the middle of a dirt road waiting for help staring up at truck tires and blue sky I did not think I would be hear for this day.

    Yet at the same time as a member of this distinguished club on Christmas Eve. I am mad as hell and hate what has happened to me and all of you.

    Why could it not have been just a broken arm or leg, something that would heal and we could all move on like so many do each day.

    F this condition we share. But peace and marry Christmass to you and all yours.


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    CJ I feel your pain. I mean when David was in the hospital there were people who had ODed on drugs and they were walking out just fine but here he was unable to walk, talk, eat, breath, see, control his bladder or bowels, and couldn't move his left arm, all due to Multiple Sclerosis. I have asked the why him question so many times but there are no answers. You just have to pick up the pieces and make the best of it. Your kids are glad your still here and that's what matters. Enjoy your first.

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    2 years ago we were far from home at a rehab, very lonely.
    There was a non denominational X-Mas Eve service in a common hall area which even though sad, was very moving.
    I looked around at everyone-some in beds and thought how none of us had a clue the year before where we would be.
    Dave had not spoken in several weeks.
    Later I went back to the little on campus apartment I was staying at alone and just looked out the window.
    Early the next morning a radio station from our home flew my sister and my 2 adult children (who adore their step dad) in time for Christmas Day.
    I nearly cry now thinking of it.

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